TV In Washroom

For Grey Cup, we usually have about 20 guests over each year. I have the Big TV in the rec room. A small 29" in the dining room where the Chips and Hors d' Orvs are. This year I found a little 14 inch TV and was going to put it on the Washroom counter. Mrs. Sportsmen says I'm over doing it. I say, lets ask the real football fans.

Should I wire in the TV to the washroom so nobody misses a play?

I will respect the verdict!

I think the funny thing is that you are calling your 29" small. I will give you my crappy 21" that has to be propped up on a book on one side because the tube is tilted, plus nealon Greene for that TV. Ummm i might have to sweeten the pot a bit more, I will take nealon out, and give you $50 plus the book I use to prop the TV up

Also YES put the TV in the Bathroom.

Don't put a TV in the washroom if you plan on using it.

I know I'd be tempted to grab a big plate of snacks and a fistful of brews, bring it into the can, lock the door, and enjoy the experience at everyone else's expense.

EDIT - can I come to your Grey Cup party? :slight_smile:


Bring your snow shoes. 4" of Snow last Monday and its cold enough that it hasn't melted yet!

TV in Washroom - Yes
Veggy platter with dip in Washroom - No

You going with the EE or Allouette toilet paper?

Hmm, Hadn't thought about that one. I'll check the Teams souvinir sights. Somehow I doubt either will have logo toilet paper.

I think you should check other teams sights. Maybe check Calgary's site for EE TP, and i don't know who for Montreal

I'll put a call out

Red & White...Any EE Paper?

Hello There....Any Allouette paper?

Uh better get this poll back on track, its heading towards the toilet !

I don't know Sportsmen, it's kinda distracting, unless you and Mrs. Sportsmen don't mind getting out the the mop and Mr. Clean. But then again, your guests probably have better aim than Allen and Dickenson in the finals :wink:

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

im typing you from the Can right


haha! :slight_smile:

ohhhh Good one!

And its going to be in a gender friendly spot. The setup allows both genders to view the game, uh, no matter how they do their thing.

Anyways far too much detail here!

This discussion is bringing back memories of that CFL ad back in 2002 where they had a baby who sported a drawer of diapers with the different CFL franchises on it. Keying in on the Gades with the message "welcome back to the league". If memory serves me right, I think the kid's parents' were Argo fans.