TV for Sundays Game?

Anyone know if the pre-season game in Toronto is televised anywhere? Network or online?

No, this is the CFL not the NFL. I don't think there has ever been a pre-season game televised in the CFL.
Not worth the low ratings - that is not a shot at the CFL but a fact. CFL fans just don't get excited about pre-season games especially the first one. The Argos will be lucky to get 10,000 for the pre-season game.

Why do you think the ratings will be low, the CFL has a very loyal fan base.

And there was one televized preseason game, it was the one played in Halifax 5 years ago.

Didn,t Cable 14 show Pre-season games at one time!?

I understand cable 14 will cover the exhibition game with Winnipeg on June 20th

According to this link (click on the game's date) it is on TSN HD this weekend:

I can't find it listed under TSN HD though on the tsn site:

There is no television broadcast of Sunday's game.

You can listen live to AM 900 CHML's coverage beginning at 1pm. ( will also be live blogging from the Roger's Centre. (

Yes, like I said "it's not a knock agains the CFL" but there is not the interest in the pre-season.
I agree the CFL does have a loyal fan base and the loyal fans and loyal season ticket holders will go to pre-season game but TSN would not televise the pre-sason because there is no interest and low ratings - that is a fact not my opinion.

Cogeco carried one pre-season game on some of their local channels across the Province a couple of years ago.
Doesn't look like they are doing it again though.

Normal it was just The game at IWS.

Last year the where in Winnipeg and Game was coved by the Winnpeg free press (internet only)

Oh god, don't remind me.WFP totally blew that.Filming the backs of people's head's, on and off every 15 seconds, hardly ever zooming in.Never again.

Agreed worst Coverage Every

they used to show some pre season game long long time ago, when the earth was green

They did move the camera to the press box in the 2nd half and the feed did not go offline as much during that half. It was better than not seeing the game at all.

And the second preseason game, the one at IWS on the 20th, will be broadcast on Cable 14 according to this: ... wers-.html

yup that pre-season tilt with the ticats will be shown on shaw cable channel 9 in wpg.. they have already stated that.

agreed. I would WAAAY rather watch the CFL exibition game that what "passes" for sports on Sports Channels today.

CFL Pre-Season game >>> Poker