TV deal in 2021: A Shaw/Telus channel?

I know the CFL doesn’t have the same kind of TV deal that other sports does and it relies heavily on fans in stands. This year they should have worked with Shaw/Telus to have all games televised and sold the channel subscription for the season to the fans. I’d have bought it to support the league and the teams. I’m sure a lot of people would. I love the CFL and would love to help support it.


Hello jflow,

I believe the current TSN TV Deal is about 150 Million for about a 5 year deal with incentives, and possibly more where it is based on ratings also. So if were going on 150 for 5 years on the principal part alone, it comes out to about 30 million per season. That comes out to 3.3 million per team.

I think we would all love to see more of a TV revenue with more options also. However, I do feel that TSN has done a great job in hosting the CFL.

I hope that when in comes to the new TV Deal with TSN, I think it would be wise to see if they can get more of a substantial amount to keep up with the times.

If they can get about a 100 million per season from TSN alone, it will be a huge boost for all 9 teams. that would be about 11.1 million per team on the TV deal alone. That covers your estimated team payroll of 5.15 million, with wiggle room for other income for operations (I.E. Advertising, etc.)

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The current TV deal with TSN is $300M++ over 6 years that started in 2019

the all-sports television network have agreed on a six-year deal that runs through the 2025 season and should be worth about $50 million annually to the CFL, though that number could grow significantly as there will be incentives, ratings-based and otherwise, written into the contract.

from 2019 ^^^^^^

Hello Grover,

Thanks for the update. It doubles per team then for about 6.6 million per team per year from what I 1st estimated on the prior deal.

But it doesn't, the TV revenue is not split 9 ways. It works out to be about a 10 way split. The CFL takes their cut, they have their HQ, Ambrosie's million dollar salary and all of his staff, the marketers, the office space in Toronto, the Command centre the pay for the refs etc

The article says $50 Million for the new deal - or around $5 Million per team. If you look at the public teams balance sheet, each team received $4.3 Million from the TV contract. So each team will get a $700k raise - enough to pay a QB or a head coach or $15k raise for all 46 starting players?

Hello atlanticcflfan,

I forgot it is 10 ways where the CFL makes their cut. Thanks for the specifics.

Lets hope that they get an annual of 10 plus million on their next deal. It's the only way they can have a decent business model. Furthermore, to offer more viewing options for more ratings. You add in the individual game betting, they can make a good amount of income just of the betting alone.

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@Jasmine the godfather asks you to show up to render some assistance in here. Now I gotta go take care of something else for him and do a favour, but I'll be back.

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Everyone was predicting this was the year
CFL had said they would double TV revenues
But then Covid killed that harsh

I don't see how that would have been the case given especially the odd scheduling for the last complete season in 2019.

They allowed TSN too much room to control the schedule too.

Notice how quickly they ended Thursday night football in the summer let alone that terrible production compared to what it had been years ago.

And for those fearing the NFL on awful Thursday nights for no logical reason given that generally awful slate, they ended the Thursday night games several games weeks before the NFL!

Then we had those triple-header Saturdays as if most of us have a whole day like that in autumn to watch games. :roll_eyes:

Yet there was nothing on Sunday.

Just burn the current contract already. Or just assign it to this virus and let TSN deal with that.

Start anew and take control of your destiny on this matter too CFL instead of allowing TSN to dictate to you what they think is best for viewership of the game. Leagues who have allowed that sort of dominance by ESPN down here in the US sure have learned their lesson as well.


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