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If this is true then I congragulate CBC for screwing up yet again. Also, it looks like TSN was offered the rights to broadcast the game but said no because they didn't have the resources and didnt want to pre-emt Sports-centre. Who are the morons running our sports stations? This will most likely be the highest rated game of the year to date and nobody is going to show it.

If i were in the CFL head office I'd be pulling my hair out. :oops:

the lions would not lift the blackout, hence tsn didn't pick it up...or probably would least that is what i heard on the radio.

f*****n stupid! should be one of the best games of the year so far and no one will be able to watch unless you have RDS - what a joke! ...... and our tax dollars go to fund the CBC - cut the buggers off and let them go the way of PBS - let the people who actually watch it, pay for it!!!

I'm not even a lions or als fan, yet i sooo want to see this game! any suggestions anyone??? .... i wish i could go to the game, but that's not an option on short notice (i live in victoria and w my luck, the ferry will break down)!!!

In previous games, the lions have lifted the local blackout when the upper deck opens up. I’m pretty sure its already opened up for sale and they would have lifted the local blackout at the last minute if it was on TV.

you have 5 hours to go get that Shaw's digital box and maybe subscribe for a day/week. If you already have the digital box, then getting RDS is pretty cheap I heard.

ps: there is a healthy discussion of this topic ("CBC dropping the game") at this forum sister's forum at

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