TV commercials that play over and over and over

We usually have a thread or two each season about repetitive TV commercials that bug us. Don't recall many threads on that this season, so here goes.

The two that keep getting repeated ad nauseam to my mind are:

"what's your 189?"

"how many do you want?"

I'd be a happy man if I never saw either of those anymore. . .

...Titan truck commercial...hate it

In case you are wondering about that song in the one car commercial, it's 'Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)' by Foster The People...

Oh, and my daughter likes the Scotiabank commercial, she likes to point out the $20 bill being dropped... :lol:

No doubt MJ. I mentioned that damn Wendy's 189 commercial with the annoying song in a game thread too.

It's this year's Carlo from the RONA commercial of last year.

It looks like he's out of work these days too, but I have no issue with the RONA commercial other than that they play it too much too.

Yes, I was remiss not to mention that one as well. . .

Even though they get aired too many times as well, the Koodo commercials are funny...

The one comercial that never gets old is the Malibu Rum commercials with the two guys with the radio station. :rockin: