TV and Marauders part ways

From today's Hamilton Spectator...

Bad news for Marauder football. They need MORE exposure not less.

As the article states, you need to use all channels (online & traditional TV)

WTF are they thinking? I guess they figure that if they show the games locally people won't come out is the only thing I can think of.

That is the same as the CFL and CFLPA not supporting the CFL football game on steam.

Like the old thinking regarding the CFL black out rule......

It looks like a business decision, it all comes down to financing, with no one watching there is no advertising money.
CH dropped the CIS, then Sportsnet, then cable 14, it costs money to broadcast a game.

"it will also explore whether an online business can be grown by selling some advertising on its broadcasts, something it couldn't do on Cable 14. The hope would be to offset some of the cost of production".