TV Accessibility

For us folk who are on peasant vision, it's really irritating that NFL is broadcast by our Canadian networks over the airwaves while CFL games are exclusively available on Satellite or Cable. What does CTV / TSN have to lose?
Does the CFL want to promote the game or not? Why not get the games into everyone's living rooms by all methods? I don't mind NFL, but I'd rather support the CFL and the Canadian game of football.

Go Stamps Go

I will explain.

They have everything to lose. why? cause TSN will get CFL ratings. CTV will get CFL ratings but to cater to a NFL scheduled game will also give them access. You can argue they should put 5 NFL games on TSN platforms but when you have TSN1 as the main feed you have only 1 accessible channel.

TSN3 in Winnipeg showing Jets game right now as you can see. So that would eliminate opportunity to schedule more NFL games.

during regular season game it would be better for the networks to have CFL on TSN so others can watch programming on CTV.

then on the flip-side ppl can always watch CTV programming due to their lack of original programming due to it being simulcasted from CBS or ABC or FOX or NBC.

But they have made the decision that its best for them to doing this to get all demographics.

A Grey Cup game will still get ratings either way on TSN or CBC or CTV or Womens network. However it would be smart to put the game on CBC over any others due to it being available everywhere in Canada and most of the USA.

I've been to Minnesota hotels where they have CBC. Detroit, NYC hotel I been and CBC was part of the tv package. And most snowbirds get CBC access in their HOA fees in places like Arizona.

I've got TSN but, I do believe that the Grey Cup game should be on CBC. That way all Canadians would be able to watch the game in their homes.

I agree. There should be a Saturday night game simulcast on CBC & TSN, just like Rogers does with HNIC. Playoffs and GC should also be simulcast on an over-the-air network like the CBC, so all Canadians have an opportunity to watch the big games.

Televised sport is BIG business, CFL is BIG business, and if Rogers or Bell can get you to pay to watch it than it is even BIGGER business. real Big.

TSN and CTV both receive advertising revenue, however, TSN/RDS have 11 million subscribers. CTV is free. IF 20 % of subscribers are there for the CFL that is 2.2 million subscribers. At $15/month X 2.2 million = 33 million a month X 12 months = $396 million. I pay $15/month for TSN 1,3,4,5 plus $7 month for tsn 2 + uhd. I do it for the CFL games. That's why you won't see it on free TV ever. If the numbers work out to be 30% of subscribers are there for the CFL than it would be $49 million a month X 12 months = $594 million in subscriptions. CTV can't compete with this kind of revenue. I don't have TSN's financial reports but it is easy enough to obtain an estimate of the CFL's value to them. I am sure, if the NFL viewership would follow a change from CTV to TSN then you wouldn't see the games any more on free TV. Won't happen as we won't pay for the NFL because we can tune in to US networks, we will however pay to watch the CFL as it is not available anywhere else in Canada.

Stop being so cheap and cough up a couple bucks to support the CFL. God, the entitlement....

Why make it complicated when answering ...there is 1 simple answer.
TSN can pay more than CTV and has paid more for the rights than CTV can offer....thats all that needs to be said

TSN = Bell Media
CTV = Bell Media

They DON'T bid against each other. Either one bids or the other does as the operating network on behalf of Bell Media.

Having one or the other carry a particular program may be ultimately a more profitable business decision for Bell.

All Canadians have the chance to watch if they want - the playoffs and the Grey Cup are being streamed this year on YouTube. More Canadians have access to the internet, more are wathcing all their programming through the internet.

With the game on TSN and RDS the potential is for close to 30 Million Canadians to watch it, the past couple of years the ratings have been around 4 Million. So around 26 million out of a possible 30 Million did NOT watch the Grey Cup.
If you are a football fan you will probably watch the Grey Cup, if you are a football fan you will probably subscribe to TSN/RDS.
If you are not a sports fan you won't subscribe to TSN/RDS because you don't watch sports.

Close to 8 million Canadians watched the Blue Jays in their wild card game on Rogers Sportsnet that is twice as many viewers as the Grey Cup. The Jays game was not on the CBC or CTV or OTA, yet sportsnet has fewer subscribers than TSN.
It's not about putting the game on other channels and hoping that non-sports fans will watch it, it should be about getting more of the existing sports fans to watch it.

Bell Media's businss reasons for showing NFL on CTV is that they get to simsub the signal - so almost the entire country - is getting ads for which Bell Media is getting paid for. They capture as many NFL viewers as possible to maximize their ad revenues.

For example if 1.5 million people are going to watch football at 1:00PM on Sunday - let's say 750,000 watching NFL, 750,000 watching CFL - Bell media will capture all 750,000 CFL viewers. But if the NFL games is on TSN Bell Media would lose out on the ad revenue from everybody actually watching the NFL games on the originating American station instead of on TSN - and that can be a pretty substantial number.

A couple of years ago when there were four NFL playoff games one weekend ond one of the four was on TSN and the other 3 on CTV - Bell Media's ratings for the game on TSN were over 400,000 less than the average of the three games on CTV - which is a good indicator of how many viewers they lose when the simsub is not in effect.

It is all about maximizing advertisng dollars for Bell Media. There is a reason CTV doesn't officially announce what NFL games are being shown where across the counry each week until Wednesday. That is done after the American networks release their national broadcast maps - for which games are being shown where. So for example here in Southern Ontario if the NFL American broadcasts maps released on Wednesday morning shows that at 1:00PM the Buffalo FOX station is showing a Giants - Eagles game for example - you can bet that later that day CTV will announce that either CTV Toronto or CTV2 in this region will also show that game to be able to simsub the signal and capture all viewers.

Having said all that it still would be nice to at least get the Grey Cup on an over the air station to maximize ratings. Heck - they showed the Santa Claus Parade here in Southern Ontario yesterday at 4:30PM on CTV Toronto instead of an NFL late game. Why not do something similar for the Grey Cup?

There will be once Halifax is in the league (Atlantic Schooners) and we have 10 teams (5 games). CBC can have Saturday night football and TSN can still their Friday night football with the four other games they are currently televising.

I sympathize with being able to watch on an over the air network. My father game me old pieces of antenna tower, which I have running up the side of my house and currently can get 30 HD channels for free. I've never looked back since cutting the cable. I can't understand why more people don't do this.

One word answer to that question for me. Sports!

Without cable I miss out on a whack of my favourite TV programs - ie. sporting events. Most Leafs games, all Raptors and Jays games, all CFL games, a lot of NFL games, a good number of NCAA games. tennis (what an incredible match Saturday between Murray and Raonic at in the semi-finals of the ATP championships......... etc

NFL you can watch every day, save for ESPN, and even then, NBC broadcasts the odd Monday night game... Other sports listed, I can sympathize, but if you still have hockey on CBC and City, you've got a fair number of over the air team sports...

Without cable you can get Sportsnet Go and stream the Jays, Raptors etc you don't need cable/satellite subription.
But that's where TSN falls down, you can't stream TSN programs unless you subscribe to it on cable/satellite

But why pay $25 a month for Sportsnet Go and still not get half the stuff I watch almost every weeknight and any CFL games.

Over the air TV gives you a ton of sports on weekend (especially if close enough to the border and on the correct side of your apartment/condo building (which I no longer am) to get all the American networks. But you are pretty much shutout Monday - Friday and even on weekends miss out on some really good stuff. I love being able to check-in for half an hour or an hour or an entire game on midweek Leafs, Raptors, Jays etc games.

Saturday morning I watched a great early soccer game on Sportsnet over coffee and breakfat, a FABULOUS tennis match on TSN - one of the best 3 set matches you are likely ever to see between Murray and Raonic, (over 3.5 hours of intense stuff with 17,000 in the O Arena going bonkers for Murray), the CFL playoff games this weekend - especially that Snow Bowl in Ottawa. I would be somewhat lost without cable as a sports fan as many sports I watch these days would be difficult to watch if I did not have cable.

And finding illegal streams for half these games of suspect quality - is not my idea of fun - not when one click on the remote and I can flip between three of four exciting sports events.

What I pay to get TSN and Sportsnet as part of my cable subscription - is probably amongst the best money I spend each year for all the enjoyment I get from them.

Or it’s a measure of how many more people watch things on CTV vs TSN, both due to more people getting CTV and CTV’s superior dial placement.

Of course, I know that the usual groupthink here is that sports is magically immune to cord cutting and that everyone who would literally ever watch it if it was available to them is already a TSN subscriber. Lets just ignore the detail of TSN’s subscriber count dropping ever year.

It’s a great deal for Bell to be able to use the CFL to try and prop up TSN while putting the NFL on free TV. For the CFL, it gets harder every year to reach the group of potential new fans, because every year less of them have cable. Come renewal time, the CFL should insist on getting one game a week on a broadcast network, be it CTV, or see if CBC wants a similar deal to what HNIC has. You can market that game to people who aren’t already fans and try to get them on board without saying “oh first go sign up for a giant cable bill…”