Tuturial for making CFL teams on Madden 06

Ok heres the thing: ive already created my teams(design, naming, etc) but now, how do I put the right players with the right stats.

They give default players but I dont wanna use that bs, I want the real thing -->Where do I go to change the names? As for the stats, I already have em(using the stats MartyMix made a while ago) but I dont know how to implement them into the players.

Can anyone help me, please?

Ok I posted this for someone before but I think it's gone so I'll tell you. When you are in the create team page it'll ask you which type of team you want, and you have to pick fantasy. It'll bring you to a list of everyplayer in the NFL (including the players you created) and you just pick all of your CFL players (for the backups just pick NFL players that are worse than your CFL players so the CFL's will start).

Thanks! I was starting to get tired of playing with the Alouettes using a QB called Jonathan Oloff lol...

hm, I wonder if he was a 4th sing QB for Montreal long ago? :lol:

Speaking of Madden, I just want to let everyone know that I'm near done completing the rosters on Madden 2006 for PS2. Marty has the X-box version, and I'll have the PS2 ones. So if anyone wants them, just give me a PM.

I'm done The Eskimos, Argos, Stamps, Riders, and Lions.

And every team has every one of there players. So if Calvillo goes down on the Allouettes, Marcus Brady or Nealon Greene will come in.

Every team has their away jersey, home jersey, 3rd jersey (if they have one) and a retro jersey from the old school.

Just give me a shout.

Hey no problem, keep in mind 07 comes out next month, I can't wait.

Can't you reuse rosters from year to year?

finally! i was waiting for a topic like this to start!

EsksMac, I just finished the Final UPDATED version of the Rosters for this year with the perfoming rookies and modified speeds vs 40times.


If you have the PS2 version, then I might be sending a few people your way to copy them if that's cool.

Man you guys should do XBOX360 or PC. The best mods are for PC and the best graphics are on the XBOX 360, and I have both :slight_smile:. Cant wait till madden 07 hits the shelves next month.