Turtle man

same reason

They were not always the Blue Bummers..
Had some pretty strong years, with milt..
Ya never no...this could be his year..
GO Bombers..


gotta give the best reciever to ever play this game a cup!

Tell him he can get one at Tim Horton's! :lol:

oh your funny. ha ha.. ha ha. ha ha.

Actually that one did make me laugh :lol:

No one can say anything bad about Stegall, leading the league in recieving at his age :rockin:
He has to go on to be a spokesman for Timex!

I here ya..LetsGoBlue...the guy is a CHAMP..

There is no questions about Stegal he is the man! He proves it every year he is the bomber offense and that little lightning bug Roberts! Glenn seems to be getting his confidence as well which is good for the fans of Winnipeg!

Now your speaking red05, you know..
Bombers rock..in 06...

You should hope they do not sink like a rock!
Really the only two games you lost was a team with a starting QB is that correct or am I missing a game there! :lol:


To much Talent to sink..
If we do Red05, the D is in controll..
There down right nasty...

i think they've played 4 games with starting qb's - edm(2) and mtl(2) - unless ray or calvillo has become a back-up

He wants to win the Grey Cup for Winnipeg

Do you remember the trade rumours a few years ago? Saskatchewan was asking about him........That would be the day!!

OH yes that was a classic! Again what do you expect! Who was the poster of that great classic post!

It was in the papers a couple years ago Taman said it would take half their team…I still wouldn’t do it :lol:

Really it was posted on here by a rider fan! Not sure if it was Billy Soup or Sambo but I can not remeber at this time. If someone can come up with this it is all in good fun and the poster not need to be embarassed! The Bombers did suque last year. And notice pappa I said last year!

Here we go red05, the bombers top two recievers are better than the Stumps best two recievers..been a while since this arguement.Go Bombers.