We're starting to look like CGY with the pick and fumbles. All 21 have been scored off of turnovers. We look like we did last year, and that's horrible.

Well they look like crap tonight but at least Austin pulled joseph to give Crandel a chance. Not that it helped but at least he's showing he's not going to take any crap from his QB's.

Next week hopefully will go better. It's still gonna be tough. EDM at commenwealth.

Turnovers were the difference. Boreham punted very well tonight as did McCallum, but their special teams coverage was excellent, and ours was average.

Too true Dust, Too true.

The way BC played,one has to wonder if they were part of the game plan? BC nullified anything the Riders were doing. Getting 6 turnovers shows BC was ready for what the Riders threw at them.

I'm glad the Riders had a game like this early in the season. Austin has some excellent examples of breakdowns to keep the guys focussed for the rest of the season!

The Lions played one helluva footgame. Receivers were making catches one would expect from a championship team. As previously mentioned, our special team coverage was below par. I can only imagine how it would have turned out had Fantuz did want he is paid good money to do... "Catch the damn football" After that, Joseph really stunk. Armstead fumbling... that is what rookies do not veterans.

The biggest difference between the CFL and the NFL is that the NFL DOES NOT tolerate mistakes.

The defence tried their best to win the game for us and I think they played better than the score showed. Two injured quarterbacks in one game is impressive. I just wish they would have gotten rid of Dickenson the way they got rid of Burris last week... by making him stink...

I can guarantee fellow posters that if the 'riders play two games in a row like this, Austin will not tolerate it. Players will start getting benched, mysteriously put on the injured list, released or traded for 5th or 6th round draft picks and "future considerations."

P.S. Won't Clermont look good in 'rider green next season? If they sign, he may be the "franchise player."
Fantuz had better start hanging onto the football...
Sophomore jinx or is he starting to think about how good he is instead of thinking about how good he can be?

I agree Oxbow! Fantuz has to get his you know what together. If he has the dropsy's against Edmonton. He should be benched. The BC spanking all started with his dropped passes. Armstead's fumble was ridiculous. Very uncharacteristic. I hope they go to Matt Dominguez early in the game. To me, he can spark the offence like no other player. He's the true leader of the Rider offence. I hope Austin pulls everyone on offence back together. Last Friday was so depressing.

Our defence is doing what they always do. Giving the Riders a chance to win almost everygame. Absolutely unbelievable play. You can't crap on them in anyway given the circumstances.

The problem lay between the playcall. The Coaches of previous years have always done well as the lions wern't always quite sure of what we were going to be doing. Our offensive playcall should fair better vs the esks.

And i hope they find some stickum soon, or else we may start dropping in the standings early.

-- In Fantuz defense, he's thinking to much about 'after the catch'. He's still a fairly green player and needs to still concentrait on the catch FIRST. Then figure out what to do with it. He's more a possession guy.

Eyebleedgreen I think you are bang on about Fantuz. I see a lot of Ben Cahoon in him....a pure possession receiver. Okay so he had a bad game (sure wasn't alone, was he?)....here's predicting he bounces back big time.