Turnovers Cost Ticats Dearly, by Drew Edwards

Once again, Drew ails it quite succinctly.

Though there were 230 days between the Ticats’ East Division semifinal loss to the Argos and their 24-16 implosion versus Winnipeg on Friday night, the two games felt eerily similar.

In both cases, Hamilton let a supposedly inferior opponent hang around and then let the game slip away courtesy of bad execution and untimely turnovers. Even the main players were the same: quarterback Kevin Glenn and receiver Arland Bruce — whose failed pitch and catch ended last season — were at the root of the Ticat problems on Friday. Glenn threw three interceptions and Bruce dropped a couple of key balls.

Even Bruce seemed to make the connection after the game.

“If I was a Ticat fan sitting in the bleachers, that’s the same situation last year,? Bruce said. “So I’m just being real with myself and real with the media.?

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille was succinct in his postgame analysis.

“We lost the turnover battle and our best players didn’t play well enough,? Bellefeuille said. “It’s a sinking feeling when your best players aren’t producing.?

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