Turnover in Roster

So we come one game away from winning the grey cup, a game that was almost impossible to win considering we were playing sask on their home turf. With that being said, we all knew montreal was going to be terrible without AC, we have an expansion team in our division which history shows expansion teams are usually not very good in their 1st few yrs. So Mr. Austin I ask you WHY would your roster change by almost 50%. You let a Hall of Fame QB go who just lead you to the grey cup who was awesome in the east final on the road. You let Stala go, who when in the game and has the ball thrown his way always seems to move the offence. You now have Hickman just sitting there waiting to be picked up by someone. If you don’t sign him he will end up in toronto. You’ve made some good moves since coming but the bonehead moves out number the good ones and it showed tonight with an absolute embarrassing performance. You have guys playing out of position and you have what maybe the worst Oline in CFL history. And as bad as that Oline is that QB is just as bad. Ya he was sacked 10 times but even when he had time his decision making on where to go with the ball were horrible. 8 months to prepare for a game and thats what we had to witness, SUCKS…

Wow! So, you do realize that this was one game played in a monsoon in that same place that you deemed almost impossible to win, right?

Coach/GM Austin turned over our roster multiple times last season and despite a 1-4 start we ended up with a 10-8 record on route to a Grey Cup appearance. If the Grey Cup game taught us anything, it should be that we were still a few pieces short of a championship team. Knowing that, Austin did what any great GM would and that was start making changes towards closing the gap. Passing judgement after week one is a fool's game.

As for cutting Burris and signing Collaros, let's let more time pass on that one too. There were more than enough cut Smilin' Hank threads on these forums over the past couple years that should remind us all that there was significant room for improvement at the QB position in Hamilton and Collaros wasn't going to be available a year from now. The choices were milk the last shrewd or two of decency out of Hank and then try and figure out what to do next once he's completely spent or hitch your wagon to an extremely promising young QB and go through the growing pains with the hope and expectation of great things for many years. It may work out, it may not, but to judge that today is a terribly hasty mistake.

Let's all exhale and see where we are in a couple months before condemning Austin; after all, he's taken his team to the Grey Cup every year!