Turning Point

I think the turning point late in the game was the fumble recovery by Richardson deep in Montreal territory on the punt.

Turning point, yes. But, in the end, the key point was the one Montreal didn't get when Torrey Davis blocked their convert attempt early in the second half. That was difference that left Montreal needing 9 pts., to tie, rather than just a 2-pt. converted TD as they started their final drive with a minute and half left in the game.

Another was the great ST tackle on Carrier, pinned MTL deep, then the sack forcing MTL to give up safety was key too.

Yes, and unbelievably they got that TD.

Agreed. IMO, the “turning point” should be the play that had the greatest influence on the ultimate outcome of the game.
In that respect, the fumble recovery was more significant to the outcome.
Yes the blocked PAT was an important play but “turning point” … no.

Bang on. It's not like the blocked single swung momentum. But it did come back to haunt the Als.

Giving up a safety was the turning point. Teams that give up the two point safety have no confidence in their defense. Hate the safety.

The quick whistle on that play could have been the turning point had we lost by one or two. Ok, not turning point - more a "come back to haunt us".