turn out the lights

....All over for this year....As much as the last loss was on the players...this one is on the coach....I guess they'll have to grow together... Players better learn some discipline and the coach has to make smarter decisions...Wellllll ,,,,I asked it once before...who do you like as the no 1 pick next year.... :oops:

Sad but true Papa.

At least the players showed they had a pulse, unlike last week.

But Mainor and Boatman, good lord, what in the world were they thinking ? Bonehead.

One of the worst coaching decisions of recent time.
To not let your FG kicker attempt a 43 yarder that would virtually ice the game is a slap in the face to the player.

lol, I congratulate papa for sticking this long, I actually threw in the towel around 2 - 6.

Well I hope the cheap skate board and Mack are happy. Bringing in lots of money but a very poor product on the field. I would like to tell them all where to go but I must watch my words! :x