Turn on CHCH There talking Ticats on the news

CHCH is going to talk Scott Mitchell
The story will be on Shortly
There saying Bob Young has lost 30 Close to Million and talk about the stadium

About time we hear more from the Ticats

Still no idea where the new stadium will be! But thank-you Bob for all you have and continue to do for the Hamilton Ti-Cats!
But lets get the ball rolling and fique out where this stadium will be built! The Pan Am games will be here, before they make there minds up!

You watch the Replay at 11 of the story if you missed it.

Dont waste your time, all they said was Bob has spent over 30 million so far on the cats and season tickets are up by 25% from the same time lat year, and still have issues on where the new stadium will be!
So we still no nothing!
Oskee Wee Wee!! GO CATS GO!!

The report by Adam Atkinson of CHCH TV contained some excerpts from an interview he had with Scott Mitchell, who said:
-Bob Young has invested over $30 Million in the Ticats during his ownership of the team;
-the team loses between $1.5 Million and $2.5 Million per year;
-the team have set total revenue records in each of the past three years;
-Ivor Wynne Stadium is a fun place to watch a football game but the team needs a modern stadium to generate more revenue;
-there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of research to do to find out what stadium location is best;
-the Ticats will work with the city on this.

As usual...count on TCDC for an unbiased and honest report! :thup: Thanks :wink:

President Mitchell was clearly taking the high road and not firing back at Mayor Fred but, instead, laying out the hard facts........and possibly prepping us for the Ticat's consultants report due within days. That was a very frank interview and to be quite honest, it's the exact sort of thing that we need to hear.......I found it helpful to find out the monetary reality of what has been spent thus far by the Ticats and Mr. Young.

And to add to that, $30 million spent by the Ticats the past 5-6 years to keep this team respectable and alive makes the Ticats far from being an insignificant junior partner in the stadium equation........Scott Mitchell may have not actually said it in so many words in this interview , but I sure will.

Mayor Fred and council had best wake up to reality soon.

No one has said that.

And what do you call this from Mayor Fred?

"Let me be fair, it’s a minority partnership when it comes to the Tiger-Cats.

So, c’mon Kirk…you’re splitting hairs and playing semantics as usual…we all know that Fred dismissed the Ticats as not even important in this.

Read the article again:

http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/751132 http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/751132


Fast Freddy thinks he's runnin' the show,but if he's not careful,he'll end up with an empty stadium and no football team....

If you were a landlord, would you get excited about leasing to a tenant with a history of losing more money than they earn, to the tune of $1.5 million per year?

You’re dead right deerhunter and Captain, what kind of coolaid are you drinking if you can’t say deerhunter is dead right on with what has been indicated by the Mayor with respect to his views on the TiCats in the stadium location?

What?.....you mean a tenant that pays it's bills, hands you a $2-3 (approx) million scoreboard, builds new or renovates private boxes, installs all kinds of new technology which was sadly lacking, invests it's own cash in stadium upkeep, donates to all kinds of charitable causes, creates employment, generates economic activity....keeps the City of Hamilton on the map...........that tenant?

In planning for the long term, it's important to distinguish between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as a business entity versus the very wealthy businessman who happens to be the owner of the team at this point in time. Unless Bob has signed a document somewhere promising never to sell the team and never to stop subsidizing it with private revenue from other sources, it's foolish to assume that his deep pockets are a permanent and intrinsic property of the enterprise that is the Tiger-Cats. As much as I love the Cats as a cultural institution, as a business, they have a pretty bad track record over most of the last 30 years.

Bad track record no doubt and there are many who will rightly place part of the blame on the city of Hamilton for part of that track record. If it weren’t for Bob, I bet that near high school “video” board would still be there in the city’s stadium. Thus not being able to attract some quality owners over the years. You want a quality owner, then get rid of splinter boards for seats and magic markers for seat numbers, put in a state of the art video board, upgrade the entire stadium etc. and make your stadium attractive to prospective owners. All of this reflects bad on the city because it looks like they don’t care about what they own. People take notice of these things.

I agree totally.

there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of research to do to find out what stadium location is best

Not according to the Mayor though from my understanding, it’s Rheem or at least that’s how he has come across publicly so far with this in my opinion.