TurkeyThoughts after Week 8.

:cowboy: :rockin: Holy Jumpin' Oskie Wee-Wees - The Ti-Cats are back in the thick of things. Toronto's offence finally lived up to its stats = lousy except on double reverses!! So the East is wide open again with the loss of Anthony C. If indeed he received a punctured lung he won't be back or at full throttle for a month or so. Credit to the Als for putting it together in the fourth quarter but this clearly is not the same team without A.C. That is why back-up quarterbacks should play more. As for the Blue-Bombers - they look ready to join the Lower Echelon League along with the Esks and Lions.

I still believe Toronto's record is inflated but they do hang around in games. :rockin:

The Riders bounce back win was a sign of strength, togetherness and maturity. The RIders are capable of beating any team in this league including Calgary. :thup: :thup: :smiley:

The Stamps have had the hot start but something tells me the buble will burst and I am not sure the Stamps have the moxy of the Riders for putting close losses or bad games behind them. Kudos to the Stamps for their start but.....??????? :cowboy:

The Lions might just beat the Als without A.C. but if they lose again kiss this lacklustre team goodbye.
The Esks have made more changes on deck than the Titanic. Whose next to go - the cheerleaders? The old saying - 'nice guys finish last' may hold true for Coach Hall and the Esks. :oops: :thdn: :x :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ottawa, Quebec City and Moncton are waiting in the wings for a chance. :? :?

After a third of the season my Grey Cup prediction is Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan. With the Riders winning on a field goal but short two players on the field goal team :roll: :wink: :lol: -- is that a penalty???

Rider Pride Nation WIde

If you forced me to pick a midseason Grey Cup favorite, I'd give it to Calgary. They are playing well in all phases of the game. Jones has that defense revved up and they flat-out manhandled the Riders, their only serious competition in the division, the last time the two teams met. Rambo is healthy, Lewis is productive, Burris is protecting the football, and Reynolds is his usual consistent self. I don't really see any significant issues or weaknesses in their game. Of course, we have over half the season left to play, and lots can happen between now and November, but so far, Calgary is looking like a team that wants to put the disappointment of 2009 behind them.

Come on turkey it became pretty apparent that your a rider fan, the stamps first couple games were bad wins, and one bad bad loss then we came out and manhandled the riders, and had a pretty desicive win over b.c and well every one knows what happened against the eskies

The 17's will decide the West. Those are the dates the Stamps come to Mosaic.

Very true Artie-Lange. The one in October will have a huge bearing on who will host the West final if the two teams are tied at the end of season. Back on topic; Calgary and Sask. are 1 @ 2 on who will face the defending champs Montreal at Commonwealth. However, other teams in the East will have their say as well.

I too am intrigued by those dates. If my Als can at least split the season series, I'll be more optimistic about our chances of getting back to the big game. If they get swept, though, I'm not sanguine. May be a reloading year for us, especially with AC out indefinitely (at least, there's no timeline for his return at the moment).