TurkeyPower has returned

:oops: :oops:

Two oops for me:

  1. I could not figure out how to re-activate my account with this new change. Old Turkeyfarmers like me are too old for all of this techno mumble jumble. I have been so stressed with my computing computer failures that it has driven me back to drinking Turkey Hootch. God Help me now!!

  2. 2nd oops is my Riders got hammered in Cowtown. I figured so and picked Calgary to win if my memory serves correct.
    Hats off to the Stamps who shut down our offence and finished in the second half which is what we had been doing.
    Our loss of our two defensive ends from last year is clearly coming to be noticed as pass rush was minimal. Nonetheless, this Turkey and my Riders were humbled. Kudos to the Stamps but I did notice that half the stadium or more wore GREEN!!!

So Glad to be back,
Rider Pride Nation Wide :rockin:

I didn't think you'd stopped, but I guess that's why your rankings have started to make sense... :lol:

It might have been 50/50 in the corners of McMahon.

:cowboy: :cowboy:

It's always funny how Rider fans always exaggerate things, official count had the Rider fans at 1/3, not more than half. :roll:
But that's ok as we all know Riders and their fans can't count. :wink: :smiley: