Turkeybend's QB ranking Sept. 24th


OK amigos. Thus far into the 2010 season weighing all the intangibles,. there will be lots of debate on this one!! here are the qb ratings:

  1. Damien Durant- can do it all, drop back, roll out, run , throw the long and short ball and read defences. Deserves to be number 1!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  2. Anthony C. - Durablilty is the only question mark for this master qb. He also can do it all though his running days are numbered.

  3. Henry Burris- Henry can also do it all but does not. He does not run as much as he should to keep the defences honest. He has trouble finishing games and makes some dumb decisions. His patience has improved vastly over the years. A good year but still question marks,

  4. Kevin Glenn- matured as a qb. Reads defences well and has arm strength and legs to take off.

  5. Ricky Ray- more talented than the remaining three but having an off year.

  6. Cleo Lemon- mediocre but keeps the turnovers down letting the Argo defence win games.

  7. Casey Printers- all sorts of ability but makes the crucial mistakes at crunch time this season.

  8. Stephen Jyles- perhaps unfair to rank him last since he has not been the sole starter but inconsistency and no wins puts him here.

Are you ever going to stop being biased darian isnt even in the top 3 he has not been that good and rating the riders at number one after an ot win vs calgary that we should have won and ignoring when we spanked you 40-20, and that we are still 4 points ahead of saskatchewan

hey, cmon now. durant has a better passer rating than Ray and a better pass completion percentage than Printers. Thats got mean he is number 1. It just has to. :wink:

In Moncton: Ricky Ray and Cleo Lemon are both undisputed QB's I say. :cowboy:

turkey you forgot to add these to durants list of abilitys.

  1. Loose to Edmonton. :lol:
  2. Loose to Winipeg :lol:

and last time i checked 109 and 99 were higher than 8, unless you count backwards in sask :wink:
DURANT, D SSK 409 241 58.9 3427 87 13 3.2 15 3.7 81.4
CALVILLO, A MTL 384 262 68.2 3276 67 22 5.7 4 1.0 109.3
BURRIS, H CGY 379 256 67.5 3204 74 24 6.3 14 3.7 99.3

Who's this Damien Durant guy? I want to see more from him.

He must be Darian's better skilled twin. :lol:


But seriously, LOL at Durant being at the top of the QB rankings. Guy's thrown more picks than TDs on the year for a sparkling 81.6 QB rating. :lol:

Hmm, y'know, I tend to agree with most of your rankings, Turkey, but I find yours pretty off this time. In my opinion, they should be as such;

  1. Anthony Calvillo - He's a monster, plain and simple. An astounding touchdown to interception ratio (22 : 4), and has a knack for making the game changing plays. The wisest, most experienced, and arguably most accurate QB in the league. His QB rating for starting quarterbacks is, unsurprisingly, the highest. Even on bad days, he's a decent QB. A terror for any team.

  2. Henry Burris - The CFL's winngingest team has a QB to show for it. Leads the league in touchdowns (24!), despite a high interception total. Also very mobile, and can annoy teams to no end with his pump fakes.

  3. Kevin Glenn - Definitely regaining his form after a disappointing start. Has a relatively lower number of interceptions for starting QBs (sans Calvillo or Jyles), and a good number of touchdowns. Has shown to be fairly accurate as well.

4t. Darian Durant - Durant's like a weird experiment. Sometimes, it works out beautifully and gives you great results (amazing escapability, called Houdini for a reason, and can throw the deep bomb well), and other times, it explodes in your face (league leading 15 interceptions). However, like Calvillo, he's got that magical ability to pull his team into winning situations when most other QBs can't, which is why I'm willing to push him into a tie for 4th. Though, unlike Calvillo, his bad days are really bad days.

4t. Stephen Jyles - Y'know, I feel bad for Jyles, because he's putting up very nice numbers (only 4 interceptions, and he's already thrown more touchdowns than a couple of QBs who've played MORE GAMES than him). He's also very mobile, and has shown us that he can rack up big yardage with his legs, a la Durant. He's doing great, honestly, and if Winnipeg was a winning team, I might even put him above Burris. The Blue Bombers just aren't clicking this season, which is unfortunate for him, but I do believe Jyles is going to grow to become a great QB.

  1. Casey Printers - Becoming quite the threat, but troubles loom on occasion. He's put up good numbers the past couple of games, but he lacks the punch the QBs above him have. The stats don't favour his accuracy either.

  2. Ricky Ray - I take nothing away from Ricky Ray, he is an excellent QB, but this is just not a good season for him. 5 more interceptions than touchdowns isn't gonna cut it. I'm gonna pin this one on his team, but it isn't a stellar season for Ray himself.

  3. Cleo Lemon - A newcomer to the CFL, and it shows. 90 yards passing in a 60-minute game is pretty atrocious. But he's by no means a bad QB. Protects the ball, although he does have an issue with fumbling as he goes to pass. As some might call him, Lemon is definitely a "working progress".

  1. Anthony Calvillo
  2. Henry Burris
  3. Kevin Glenn
  4. Darian Durant
  5. Steven Jyles
  6. Ricky Ray
  7. Casey Printers
  8. Cleo Lemon

You just figured it out Martian. They LOST those 2 games because they were to LOOSE, and not properly prepared after a night out on the road. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I would agree with this :thup:

Sask fans and their excuses :lol: But seriously only scoring 2pts against the bb's was pretty sad.

And what the hell was your coach thinking when he sent out the punt team last week.
FG= walk off win
Punt= hope it goes in. ( even being a stamps fan i was like WTF is he thinking???? ). If we had pulled out the win( damn you lewis's bum knee) he would have the award for biggest Chump of the year.

Eh men brother!

At the moment, I'd flip Printers and Ray, but otherwise, your list is spot on.

Hmmm yet in all the showdowns against Burris, DD's record is 4 wins - 1 loss - 1 tie.

What's the point of bringing last year into the equation? Different teams, different players, different identities. This year, the record is 1-1 between Burris and Durant.

the wins are irrelevant when comparing qb's. A qb can play like shit and still have their team win, and visa versa.

Exactly. Just look at Lemon (winning team so far, not exactly a fantastic QB) and Jyles (losing team, but a very solid QB).

It is hardly irrelevant, it just emphasizes who is cool under pressure when they have to be and who cracks.

Burris always has had an issue with getting hit, hit him a few times and he falls apart and hears footsteps all night long. Just like the last couple of games.