Turkeybend's Power Rankings

Another week another verification of Rider Pride. Here is the ‘real’ rankings

  1. Montreal Alouettes- Still sporting the best record but came down to earth last week. This week will determine their mettle and whether the Als fans can say " les Alouettes sont la!"

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Beat defending Grey Cup champions in their home park. What else is there to say to the naysayers about the Green and White - they are a good team who can play with anyone in the CFL.

  3. Edmonton Esks- Tremendous win. Need an encore to move up the ladder.

  4. Hamilton Tiger - Cats - Nice story but are they really as good as their record shows. The jury is out on their starting qb says this old turkey. Turnovers and defence stops have saved them from losses. Their offence needs to step up to compliment their running game. Again, the feel good story of the year- hope it lasts for the worthy Ti-cat fans!

  5. Calgary Stampeders- Only stampeding going on is their inconsistency. Big surprise being only 2-3.

  6. Toronto Argos- Should have won last week but shot themselves in the foot time and time again. The Argos will win some games this year and lose some too.

  7. Winnipeg Boo-bombers- Luckywin last week. Bishop is not the answer but better than before. The bombers will be fighting for last place this year.

  8. BC Pussycats- Poorest record in the league. Simply awful this year. They are actually a better team than their record shows but patience is wearing thin in Lotusland. One more home loss and the fans may revolt. Poor Wally. No one has mentioned nor put blame towards Jacques Chapdelaine the Offensive co-ordinator. I
    'm thinking he has a lot to do with their poor performance on offence. Sorry to let the cat out of the bag BC fans but just ask anyone in Edmonton about his results there with Ricky Ray - one of the best in the league.

  9. Ottawa whatsamacolics- Knocking on the door!!!

i'd say those are pretty accurate rankings. :thup:

you know, you could easily make your weekly rankings without using derogatory names like boo Bombers and pussy cats.

would it kill you to say Blue Bombers and Lions?

Would it kill you to not be such a kill joy.

Hey Turkey keep up the good work on the Rankings and the humour you injest into your posts - good job.


This after you call someone a butthead on another thread. Leave Turkey alone! His rankings are the best part of the week around here, and better than the "professional" ones too.

Don't you have some misguided wisdom to dispense someplace else?

Surely you've noticed the double standard that goes on in this forum?

I would disagree with one thing in Turkeybends rankings. I would have the Calgary team ahead of Hamilton.

There's no double-standard. People just need to stop taking Turkeybend for serious. He comes online to inject a little humour, that's it. He's not trying to offend anyone, and if he does, he apologizes.

I wasn’t referring to Turkeybend.

I apologise. I will not call the WinterPeg Boo Bombers the Boo Bombers anymore or call the BC Pussycats the Pussycats anymore either or neither (never could figure out which one is grammatically correct!?). I will call WinterPeg the Putrid Perogies for the rest of the season or until they start to win a game handsomely. As for the team on the West Rainforest Coast which has not had rain in 40 days, I will refer to them as the BC Bumbleheads until they start to win some games which might be Friday incidentally, the Bumbleheads vs. Riders games seem always to have dramatically exciting finishes. And, how I wish Paul McCallum was playing tonight for the BC Bumbleheads! As for the Winnipeg Putrid Perogies, I think they should bring back Troy Westwood as coach, GM, quarterback, kicker, Play-by-play announcer, cheerleader and bandleader for the half-time shows. Can't wait until the annual home and home series between the Riders and the Putrid Perogies from Winnipeg.
Long Live the CFL and fan rivalries
Best Wishes to all teams
Riders Rule
Everyone else Drools! :cowboy: (... and that is all I have to say 'bout that!) :rockin:

Coming from a fan of the Saskatchewan TeenRiders its no big deal really :slight_smile:

Ouch. Too soon??


P.S. love it Turkey, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

...wow, the #2 team gets beat by the #8 team...this outta shake things up a bit...

#2 is Edmonton's for the taking! Whoo! Go Eskimos! :smiley:

Looks like the TeenRiders are going to take another drop this week.