The mist cleared after week one and reality set in for the CFL, the best football league on the planet!!
Here goes with Week One powerrankings:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- answered all the critics with a gutsy short-handed , well-deserved victory over the highly touted BC Pussycats. Damien Durrant passed for over 300 yards and the receiving corps led by Dressler is awesome. Clearly outplayed the Lions badly - look at the stats!!! :thup: Solid kicking and an improved Defence will make the Riders a formidable foe for everyone again this year. Grey Cup in Calgary - how sweet it is.

  2. Montreal Als- Anthony c. is ageless and the Als are well coached plus had revenge on their minds inthe re-match. Well deserved win as they outplayed the Stamps badly and excepting a few turnovers would have won in a laugher. Clearly the class of the East again as long as Anthony C. stays healthy. Running back looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Edmonton Esks- Ritchie Hall already has made a difference. The esks d was the butt end of jokes last year - not this year. Riders loss is Edmonton's gain. Hate to admit it but Ricky Ray may be the best qb in the league. Losing Lumsden will not be a factor.

  4. Calgary Stumps- Although their offence was pathetic most of the game, their line-up is very solid. The fans had every right to boo their offence stinker of a game last week. Defending Grey Cup champs need to re-assert themselves this week or dissention will begin. Better talent than the rest of the league puts them at #4

  5. Toronto Argos- Played an easy opponent but did some good things. Most impressive was running game which Joseph will need to offset the pass rush. Mediocre team in a mediocre division.

  6. Winnipeg Blue-Bombers- Did better than expected but still have little offence. Can their Defence hold them in games- Not in the CFL against the better teams. Will battle Toronto for 2nd in the east but lose most all games to western opponents.

  7. B.C. Lions- biggest disappointment in week one. Their offence was useless. Geroy Simon has 16 yards receiving. Tell me if that is a good offensive scheme. Pierce looked average at best. Time for a change at qb and the loss of star players last year have not been replaced. Cutting Claremont was a riduculous move and will come back to haunt the leos big time. Imagine cutting your toughest player who is unselfish and a leader????????????????? Wally has water on the brain!!!

  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Sorry Big Dave, it is the start of another long, long season in steel town. The holes are huge talent wise. The only thing that will work a miracle here is if the entire team rallies and plays for each other- and becomes the team with no egos just fighting spirit like the people of Hamilton. A longshot but many of us are pulling for the Ti-Cats , the blue collar team of the CFL. Love to see them beat the high priced , overpaid BC Lions or cocky Stampeders.!!! Good Luck.

  9. Ottawa Roughriders / Rennegades- Still have not resovled the Heatley issue. Get all those federal politicians to cough up their overblown pensions and donate to the CFL tax-free. Then, we would welcome back Ottawa. :rockin: :cowboy: :lol:

Who is Damien Durrant?? :wink:

He's Darian's very evil twin... he wears #666 for the Green & White... :lol:

I'm ashamed to say I almost agree with Turkey on this ranking.

Hell, I might have to dig out my old 'Unknown Fan' paper bag I wore during the Pezim years. :frowning:

I would not write off the Lions just yet.. if Grice-Mullen (I believe that who it was) catches that pass late in the game, BC wins. The Riders were fortunate that it wasn't Jackson or Simon who got in behind the secondary.