Here are the key factors which will determine the outcome of the Western Final:

  1. Will the Felions be dumbstruck by the extreme handsomeness of Saskatchewan men!!

  2. Will Wally remember to use his Grecian Formula prior to the game!

  3. Will a Lions quarterback survive 4 quarters without getting injured?/

  4. Will Gainer the Gopher be admitted into BC Place Stadium?

  5. Will Nelly Furtado remember the words of the Lions Fight Song-- 'C'mon and Roar you Lions Roar'?

  6. Will Dave Ritchie have to leave in the 3rd quarter to take a nap??????

  7. Will Brett Johnson remember to play with his helmet on???

  8. Will Jason Claremont drop passes on purpose because he is from Regina??

Serious keys to the game:

i.) Will the Leos defence be able to contain and get a pass rush on Kerry Joseph.
ii) Will the Riders d-line be able to disrupt the passing of any of the Lions qb's.
iii) Will the Riders defence be able to contain Smith.
1v.) Will the Riders safety not mak the mistake like he did in Regina of not playing as deep as the deepest lions receiver.
v.) Will Congi outkick McCallum.
vi.) Who will committ the most turnovers??
vii.) Will the Riders be able to adjust to the canned crowd noise under the dome?
viii.) Will the Lions be able to handle the fact that the stadium crowd will be wearing more GREEN than oragne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the Lions win I will promise to sing the BC Lions fight song publicly everyday until the Grey Cup.

May the best team win (obviously the Riders).

CFL Rules
so do the Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quoting it so you can’t edit it out when the Riders lose. The image of you (or any rider fan) singing ‘Roar You Lions Roar’ in public is pretty funny, especially after they lose.

I can see you down at the CO-OP … Come on and roar you lions roar, thats what a lio … WHAP KICK SLAP

Only 2 things to say to this, I can guarantee there will be way more green than ORAGNE in the crowd (i agree with this), as for ORANGE, no way, not even close. The second thing, the only thing canned will be the gopher.

You missed another tho, will the Rider secondary be able to cover the Lions receivers?

Regardless, hoping for a hell of a good game!

Change pissant pic to Garguli. That jerk complained about the Lions and Jimenez. Garguli's faking his injury.

That made me laugh. :lol:

I think the big thing for the Riders will be containing B.C.'s running game. If they can stop that they should be able to win.

To me these seem to be those "intangibles" that Glen Suitor always talks about.

v.) Congi should do a lot better in the controlled conditions, wonder if Sask. will try the fake again.
vi.) WSF game showed how much momentum could change and points could be score with turnovers. Could be interesting with the 3rd and short attempts for both sides, but then again indoors has better traction.
vii.) Last year during the WDF, during some parts in the game he looked like a deer in headlights with the noise. He adjusted better during the 2nd half. I think he'll be better prepped.

Canned noise? Have you been to a Lions game under the Dome? The noise has nowhere to escape. Silly Leos fans do the wave when the O has the ball, and you should see the players bench, they smile at first but when the wave keeps rolling they get all pi$$ed and try to quiet the crowd. It gets loud even with only 30,000.

I think Gainer should be allowed in there tho, it was good sport to see him there last year...creepy rodent.