turkeybend's computer is fixed!!!!!!!!

Hi gals and guys and anyone who does not fit this category(Saskargo?)
My computer was on the fritz and is finally fixed. Wow- what a week I missed! Here are some highlights:

  • Riders sweep Winterpeg- Marcus Crandell the new MVP???

  • Lions lucky in Ottawa

  • Edmonchuck all but finished at home embarrassed by Stamps

  • Toronto squeaks by Ti-Cats

  • Montreal gets ready to whip the pussycats.

  • Aggasiz defies old age and makes it to US open tennis

  • NFL opening week a bust for excitement

  • Terry Fox still a national hero after all these years!!

Glad to be back
Glad to be a Rider fan
Glad to gobble gobble in saskargo's ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey, You missed all the fun. Check out Saskargos bet.....She has the Rider fans all bent out of shape. I think she's been waiting for your return!

Any new ballads?

I was wonderring why I haven't heard about our obvious grey cup win this year after the riders beat the bombers this weekend

Hey turkeynuts,
Why don't you get fixed.
Don't you have enough cousins.I mean brother and sisters.Whats the difference you rider inbred!!!
Welcome back you idiot!!!!

saskargo...i'm not gonna lie to you...i'm betting ur close to being banned here

Hey E32001

She's just trying to get you riled up....and she has this rivalry with turk

All right eskie,
I will be good!!!
Sorry turkey welcome back!!!!

Let the Bells ring out and the banners Fly!!!
Welcome back Turkey :slight_smile:

lol ok, now that is too funny.

welcome back...

Once again,
Sorry Turkeyband.
I hope you will forgive me.I understand if you didn't.
I hope God forgives me for everything I have done!!!

Stay off the porn sites and you will get less viruses…lol, welcome back

Saskargo- Remember the movie UNFORGIVEN!!!

  • Just kidding - thanks for the hellos and smack. Good to be back. And, Saskargo- you know deep down I adore you!! But, a song is brewing and my riders will surprise you when you least expect it.

CFL rules
SASKARGO drools (sometimes!!)

it's nice to we are friends, how bout a group hug?

Or if this group hug was going to take place during the Grey Cup in Vancouver, "Can't we all just get a-bong?"

welcome back Turkeybend! I've been waiting for your reaction to the Rider sweep over the Bombers!!!

Why does anyone actually read what Saskargo actually has to say on this site?

Welcome back Turkey bones!

what does the turkey's sign say?