Turkeybend's Biggest surprises etc. after Week 1

Kudos to the following people / teams for dong better than expected:

  1. Buck Pierce- stellar game by a good guy. Someone must have enrolled Buck in 'hook-slide' school during the winter. About time!!!!!!!!! Well done Buck

  2. B.C. Lion's defence- Hate to admit it but the Leos defence looked brilliant. Completely stymied the Esks offence. Or, Edmonton has no long ball game so BC could cheat up all game on 'D'. Hats off to the Lions 'D' - good thing though because Casey could not / does not finish. Until Lulay becomes the starter, Leos 'D' will have to dominate.

Best game of the week / year / decade- duh--- 54-51 O.T.

Best team to meet low expectations - Toronto

Biggest offensive team disappointment- Edmonton followed by Calgary who had trouble finishing off the terrible Argos

Best comeback - Duh- 54-51 O.T.

Best Resilience- Duh - 54-51 Rider Pride Nation Wide

TurkeyBend's Week One TurkeyRankings

  1. Saskatchewan- 54-51 comeback from 21- points down in 3rd quarter- simply awesome.

  2. Montreal- on the road almost stole a win over defending Western Confernence champions

  3. B.C. Lions- Despite Casey striking out , good running game and outstanding veteran defence will be tough all year. Defensive backs are very, very good.

  4. Winnipeg- Inspired team effort with lots of emotion and a real leader at quarterback. Watch out for this work in progress

  5. CAlgary- Lacklustre performance against the worst team in the league at home. Uninsipired effort. If I was a Stamps fan I would be worried.

  6. Hamilton- Disappointing result but it was on the road against a fired up Bomber team. In the 2nd half the ti-cats finally got some offence going. Will need to tighten up the defence - defensive backs look suspect but the jury has not written off these tiger-cats

  7. Edmonton- disatrous home game - flat, flat, flat. Same old short passing game did not translate into points last year and looks like more of the same. Defence played in spurts but did not contain the run.

  8. Toronto Have-nots- Adam Rita and every coach should be fired. A disgrace to the CFL , no matter how you justify their team like Rod Black weakly tries to do on TSN. I love the CFL but if I lived in Toronto I would not go to see these bums play. Unless the visiting team goes out on an all-nighter in Toronto the night before or commits 100 turnovers, I cannot see the Argos even winning a home game. Wow- not good for the league!!!

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Everyone else drools!! :cowboy: :rockin: :wink:

I'd say Winnipeg also exceeded expectations when they put up 49 points and killed Hamilton. But I was pretty impressed with Toronto. On the road, and they stayed in it until the fourth. Maybe it won't be another 3-15 season for them.

Biggest disappointment was by far the Eskimos.

Agreed, I dont think that guy even watched the Toronto/Calgary game. Sure the offence needs to work some things out, but they could have tied the game late in the 4th, people were predicting itd be over in the 1st.

You can't expect the offence to light it up right away. You guys have a new QB, bunch of new receivers. This is a new offence. It'll take a couple weeks. But overall the Argos played a decent game.

Personally I'd rank Hamilton below Toronto after week one. Toronto has a lot lower expectations to live up to and, by the numbers, played just as well as Hamilton. That is, of course, liable to change as I still think in the long run this season Hamilton will improve a lot more then Toronto will.. However, based on what we know right now I'd say Toronto did in fact play better.


Ummmm, Turkey, you forgot the "Ottawa Next Years" in your rankings............ They are also undefeated! :lol:

It is not an 'official' TURKEYBEND GOBBLEPOWERRANKINGS UNTIL AFTER Sask. plays your pussycats!! :wink: :cowboy: