Turkeybender?? anyone ever hear where he went ??

Kinda miss TB, just vanished, anyone ever hear from him. With Thanksgiving upon us just doesn't seem the same.

Miss ya TB

He got hit by lightning...it's called karma.

Meanwhile on True Rider Nation thoughts; Turkeybend would be be proud - Riders win Grey Cup 2012 :rockin:

Did a rider fan feed you a poop sandwich sometime or something? What is your problem?

I don't know what happened to him. Definitely miss the turkey rankings

Have to Agee with the others, you just have a hate on for anything Riders. We get it. Time to move on.

Dude lived in Regina for awhile. My theory is that he couldn't stand how Sask fans actually care about their team. In a word: jealousy. But that is pure speculation on my part.

As for turkeybend, yeah, it's characters like him that gave this place colour. Definitely miss him.

you must have missed this leagle


Yeah, I saw it after but, honestly, I'm sceptical anyways ...