Turkeybend2 PowerGobble Rankings

After a weekend of turmoil, anguish and desparation I have recovered to objectively analyse the current CFL teams. Here is my observation:- and Power Rankings:

  1. (A.) Ottawa Roughriders- ONly undefeated team this season. Well done Lansdowne warriors. Word is that the top recruit to play quarterback is Justin Trudeau! :twisted: :o :? :roll: :wink:

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Minor blip on the screen in Edmonton- a ploy by the Head Coach to tease the Eskimos and their fans into overconfidence. Brilliant strategy which will pay dividends in future weeks. Bless and best Wishes to Kerry Joseph who will be receiving his first OAP cheque next month. :wink: :wink: :wink: :o :smiley:

  3. B.C. Lions (Pussycats)- Travis Lulay is the real deal and as I said a couple of years back when he dazzled in his first exhibition game, he should be the starter ahead of Mr. Printers who now works in a BurgerKing Franchise in Alberquerque, New Mexico. Well done Travis and kudos to Anthony Harris for becoming the Top combined yardage CAnadian of all time. Quite an accomplishment when you see the other names on the list. And, hats off to Wally Buono for supporting Canadian soccer star Christina Sinclair who was suspended for 4 games and fined for being emotional after the Olympic overtime semi-final loss to the Americans where she criticized the referee who made two very questionable calls in the game leading to American goals to tie and win. Buono came out today seething that Sinclair had been punished and said Canadians need to stand up and be counted and be confident to support teammates. Good on you Wally! :rockin: :thup:

  4. Montreal Alouettes- Aging and class Anthony C. keeps getting it done with help from scintallating catches from the likes of Jamal Richardson. You have to hand it to the Als who keep winning the Eastern conference year after year.

  5. Calgary Stampeders- The Stamps win over Winterpeg was expected and keeps them in the top 4 as contenders. But do any of you ever get the feeling that the Stamps will eventually come up short?? :cowboy:

  6. Edmonton Eskimos- Lucky win but two points nonetheless! :cowboy: :roll:

  7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- 6,7, and 8 are interchangeable. So much build up for the Tiger-Cats this year and so much inconsistency and disappointment. Cortez and Burris have not saved the day, won over the Town nor helped their cause in getting part time jobs at Tim Hortons in Hamilton in the off season!! :lol: :oops:

  8. Winnipeg BlueBombers- Bombers are a sad bunch but give them credit for competing. Elliott looked like a rookie last week, has potential, but suffered a lesson in humility. Let's see how he bounces back. :cowboy:

  9. Toronto Argonotthecentreoftheuniverse- Hapless offense after Ray's injury. Jarious Jackson is a back-up at best or qb coach better yet. Defence is admirable but in the CFL a team needs to score touchdowns on offence to win games.

And, REmember all:
LIONS DROOL! :cowboy: :rockin: :thup: :wink:

Lol the Riders could be dead last in the league and O'l Turkeybend would still have them first.

All Power Rankings suck, and putting Saskatchewan as 1st is laughable

That's a lot nicer than how I would have put it.... :slight_smile:

Finally! A power ranking that makes sense each week. :smiley:

I see some people still don't get that TB's ranking are meant to offend :lol: but enjoyable reading none the less.

Go Stamps Go!!