Turkeybend2 Gobble rankings Week 1

Terrible is better than "never plays because always injured." Also, our QB depth is a LOT better this year. We have LeFevour waiting in the wings if Crompton can't execute, as well as Rakeem Cato, who has done nothing but impress in TC and preseason, and Tanner Marsh, who should be ready to take the next step once he comes off the 6-game.

Agreed and I actually expect LeFevour to be the starter within a few weeks. However until that happens I expect Montreal to struggle.

Also the Week 1 Power Rankings are always a best guess as they only have the preseason to go off of.

Okay, I am now educated in how to view turkeybend's posts, and I enjoy a good laugh as much as anybody.

Turkeybend, my apologies.
Let 'er fly!
(Wait, turkeys don't fly, right?) :?

oh this one is always up in the clouds :slight_smile:

I guess I was right, the Als WAY OVER RATED.............. :lol:
Ranking them 8th after week 1 sounds about right.

Keep in mind they were forced to play their third QB.

Wow tough start for Als. Great to see a Cdn QB though. Give him 6 games and he will look alright.

No, it's unfair to throw in a rookie right out of NCAA, he should be on the bench and watching and learning.
Montreal should be trading for someone like Kevin Glen or Drew Tate

No way Huff trades Tate. The Stamps don't have any glaring weaknesses that need addressing and having Tate as #2 is a luxury teams obviously covet. He will be traded, just not now.

I agree. 9th would seem more likely. Lose to Ottawa, AT HOME, LMAO.

Very true but he grew up playing Canadian rules and from his mechanics he has the ability to actually play in CFL. Riders learned how having one QB can ruin a promising season.

Completely disagree, by the time a QB has hit the pro ranks, his development is pretty much done. The only way for them to become adjusted to the pro game is trial by fire. They either have it (such as Levi, Lulay, Reilly, etc) or they don't (Sunseri).