After week 1 here they are:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Still undefeated and Grey Cup champs. How did Calgary let Cates go??

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Henry did not lay an egg in his season debut. Did dave dickenson steal the lions playbook prior to leaving Vancouver????????? :rockin:

  3. Montreal Alouettes- Welcome back Anthony c. Well done or, is Hamilton just that bad!??? :twisted:

  4. Toronto Argonauts- Defence won your game but will need an offence to win many more. :rockin:

  5. Winterpeg Blue Bombers- Laid an egg at home in their opener. Will there coach start to wear thin on these guys??? :roll:

  6. B.C. Pussycats- QB issue is rearing its ugly head. If they lose to the Riders this week Wally will be on the hot seat and they might bring back Roy Dewalt. :lol:

  7. Edmonton Esks- Need a running back to take pressure off Ray who may be the best qb in the league.

  8. Hamilton Tiger-cats - Sadly they bombed at home against the Als. Printers better show up along with his teammates or it will be a long season in steetown again!!

Pretty accurate in my eyes.


Thanks Turkey!

We'll see Winnerpeg in second next week!

Wow I do not know who you are but you must be Howard Cosell reincarnated. :lol:

pretty logical list, you are slipping TB :stuck_out_tongue:

I could also see

switching 1 and 2
switching 3 and 4
switching 6 and 7.

Should be:
B.C- record 14 wins champs 06- had a bad game western final still dominate most of cfl when there dialed in
Hamilton should be able to beat most teams when dialed in don't underestimate them
Calgary- it's there time again a strong burris leading the pack
Winnipeg - also there time with the right moves unbeatable in the East
Montreal- not a great team just fluke alta wins ussually beat weak teams
Saskatchewan- won a few games towards the end of last season, should not have gotten past lions western final but did! the regina rams could have pulled that grey cup with 1/2 a team! overated team steam will run out fast watch!
Toronto- dazed and confused it's only going to get worse- waiting for a brawl between coach and joseph or both qb's thumpin the coach then winner 2 the death
Edmonton- machocho gotta go! then you will see sum wins

I can see the Sask fans hating this but it's how I see it as of today

Damn, Turkey, I think those are the most accurate rankings you've posted yet. :o

your list is already bogus dude! Hamilton crushed Toronto and Edmonton is moppin the floor with Calgary and yes there are eggs flyin out of burriss's but!tomm night is the riders turn to take a big fall! Check my list in a few feeks she'll be the real thing!

…your list was bogus when you hit the return key…

No doubt. I guess he didn't realize these were for week one.