Turkeybend, was that you?!?!.....

....with the long flowing red locks down on the stair landing screaming profanities at the hurt Montreal player?....if it was, you are pretty homely.....

red locks, doesnt one of the mods have red locks.....:slight_smile:

Yes, and that mod is also a "she" and looks NOTHING like that guy..... :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, what are you doing up so early, you know I think I your the bees knees.

Early? This is sleeping in for me!!

yup on that guy yelling those fine words of wisdom! God was not nice to him! But that is the fire those rabid Rider fans have! Right JM02 but no I can see you not being that way you have to set an example for your students!

that guy was tame, you have see to the east side at a bomber game, picture Carla from Cheers with rabies.

Piggy is that not normal for that area! Kidding of course!

you maybe right 05, our fans beat each other up at games, couldnt have anything to do with all the bud wise er

the rabid fans in the Peg.....come by it naturally ..it comes from years of having to deal with various agitations....namely the opposition and ..oh yeah..the mosquitoes...lol lol :lol:

You have to admit that rider fan was a class act! (ya right) But he sure was into the game. :lol:

You will see him again Red and White, when your Stamps have to come to Regina for the playoff game against our Riders. Mark my words, this will be the case.
I'll wave to you Red and White!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Rider Mind!
I surely hope you are right, Turkey...

Roar Lions, Roar!!