Turkeybend was right -RIDERS WIN!!!

Stick a feather in my crap and call it holy Banjo bowly...

Wow. What will the good folks at the centre of the Universe say to an all-Prairie Cup? "Good seats at the 50, dirt cheap!!":smiley:

Well, yes, you were right about that KJ guy. Certainly MOPped up the Lions that game. DD had basically half the field to work with, the whole second half and never gave Paul McCallum a chance to make a liar out of you. Conspiracy.

I really am surprised at just how well the Rider's D played. They proved to be the winning factor. They definitely wanted it more then our guys. Call it an apology to Gargiulo, call it a reason to stick with one qb, but in the end I'd call it Riders favoured to win the GC.

Paint the town Green, TB, and congratulations on the 26lb. win.

Canned Noise 2008!!!

If all that matters is going to the grey cup then your still crying about McCallums missed field goal matters not. He missed, deal with it. Being in the game until very near the end is not losing BADLY. That there is turkeyspin. I have dealt with it, i have posted grats to riders in a couple spots but you have posted some outright BS and I will respond to that every time. And Turkey, all that matters is winning the grey cup, not just going to it and today, it is still ours MUHAHA and we aint returning it until sunday! I bet that picks at the back of your brain.

Some people here always say thats just turkey being turkey but all these posts after the game are pure troll posts. And there were lots of em. Pretty sad dude.

You know Wut you are taking this a little to seriously. While some of Turkey comments are very direct and to the point. They do have some merit.

For example: another lost opportunity, BC has two appearance and 1 grey cup win to show for winning 1 place four years in a row. Add to that, Wally has a history of having strongly favoured teams not make it to game 93 & 94 Stampeders are an example. While you may not agree it was a lost opportunity for BC to step up, others can see it as such.

In terms of Turkey's prediction, he did say it was prediction and used facts and opinions at the time to make his prediction. While you may not like it, nobody can say a prediction is fact.

I know you have a passion for the lions, but you are taking these things to seriously thinking we are all out to get you.

Not anymore.

Just the opinion of someone who wears green glasses, but it is you who is the troll.
Yes I know you've congratulated us, but on the other hand you are also flooding the forums with your senseless posts.

The cup is still the Lions until it is awarded to the next winner. sorry.

Do you know what a troll is? A troll posts for a reaction just to be a pain. I am entitled to my opinions and I am entitled to disagree with someone when I believe they are incorrect. How is that trolling? Turkey is a mild troll, Swervin is a full on troll. I dont troll and yell my team is the best and your team sucks, or the lions will win cuz you all have no teeth etc etc. I try and explain my reasons and Im usually not that gentle in expressing them. Sorry if that bothers you, but a troll I am not.