Turkeybend was right -RIDERS WIN!!!


Congrats to the Lions fans on a great season- your team overcame adversity with injuries and you should be proud of their efforts! Today the better team won against all odds (in BC Place and with canned noise etc.) in fact the score was actually flattering to the Lions. Add the dropped wide open pass by the Riders and the botched call by the officials calling Joseph over the line of scrimmage and the score would have been worse.
Some interesting points on the game and the season:

  1. Interesting to see Lions fans leaving the stadium in droves with more than 3 minutes left- loyalty??

  2. Interesting to hear boos from the stands directed towards the Lions ( as I predicted)

  3. Interesting that Joe Smith was a ghost this game until very late and then not even much. Why did the Lions abandon the running game. Certainly to those bold Lions fans who argued that Smith was a stronger MVP candidate that Kerry Joseph it conclusively proved today that is NONSENSE.

  4. What was Wally thinking leaving in a quarterback who cannot scramble and avoid the rush. Why was Jackson or Pierce not put in to open up the offence? Dave Dickenson had really not played much at all (a little bit in the Calgary game) since August.

  5. Interesting that TURKEYBEND PREDICTED BACK as early as July I believe- Kerry Joseph = MVP, and the Riders vs. Winnipeg in the Grey Cup!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT THE WINNER OF THE WESTERN SEMI-FINAL BETWEEN CALGARY AND SASKATCHEWAN WOULD GO ON TO BEAT THE LIONS AND WIN THE GREY CUP!!! Of course, I was scoffed at by mostly bold and sometimes rude Lions fans.

  6. When one looks back at this season it becomes apparent that the Lions were actually lucky to actually even Host the Western Final as the Riders really outplayed them most of the games between them during the season. The lions win in Sask. was really a fluke with a hail mary long bomb pulling out a flukey win. But, it will go down in CFL history as another botched opportunity by the Lions wasting homefield advantage and not moving on LOSING TO THE SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS WHO WILL GO ON TO WIN THE GREY CUP IN TORONTO.

-thanks Wally :rockin:

Good for the Riders winning one. Its actually embarrassing how the Lions played but thats okay its just a game win or lose I have to go to work tommorrow. Bad play calling and a flat team ,they sucked. They only blew out 1 team all year Calgary in September without Burris. You should pick the 649 winning numbers you seem to have ESP Turk.


Good on ya Bobby!

No luck there (loto tickets) BobbyP but i did win a Turkey once-- honest- in a draw - a 26 lb. one.
The Lions laid an egg today but coaches more than players and fans were to blame in my humble opinion. I was hoping for a more exciting game and finish.

Hey I dish it out and take... it let me have it.

You still have one prediction that hasn't come true yet though Turkey. The Riders still have to beat a very good Bomber team to back-up your precidition that they would win the Grey Cup. Glenn may be injured but don't expect the Bombers to just roll over and play dead. Don't forget we've still got the dalai lama on our side.

BobbyP-- you are right- the sun comes up even after a loss, I can vouch for that since 1989!!
cheers and regards,

Is that how the farm started???

Must of been a real breeder!!

Is that how you came up with your name.

You could say the Lions came up as flat as Saskatchewan.... I still got it even in defeat.

Something I have been saying for years

Riders won, and I DON'T have to go to work tomorrow...:lol:

yeah, I don’t know. It seemed that the Lions weren’t quite as hungry for it. I think that, while Sask really took it to the Lions, they (the Lions) did not play at their best. Not sure why - they had to know that this game counted. It’s the nature of the beast: one team has to lose and tonight it was the Lions - a rarity this year.

Tomorrow is a provincial holiday in SSK is it not?

Nope...I just don't gotta work...:lol:

They should make Sunday a holiday, though...not like anyone in Saskatchewan's gonna go in to work anyway...

jm probably called in sick ahead of time because she knew she'd be in no condition to teach. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. as i said in another thread, some rider fans were leaving also.

  2. your prediction was crap, i was there and the fans (myself included) were booing the riders when they got points.

  3. I dont know why Smith wasnt used more. Seems a waste.

  4. What did you predict last year? just curious. People scoff at you because you present your prediction like it is fact. Thats a dumb thing to do and as I recall a number of your predictions didnt come true during the season. You are no better than a coin. Flip- heads or tails?

  5. another botched opportunity? LOL, you do know who is the defending cup champs yes? You better hope sask wins next week after spewing garbage. And give me a break already with the outplayed here and there bs. Lions beat you twice during the regular season, deal with it. You got your crack at the cup so be happy, not an ass. News flash, Geroy catching a late game bomb to win isnt fluke. You do know who the best receiver over the last few years has been yes? Thats what Geroy does! And when one looks back at the season you will see that the lions never lost to any non playoff teams. Did the riders? But in your ranting you only see one side and thats unfortunate for you.

The score wasnt flattering to anyone. The game wasnt what you would call great by either side, just look at the stats. And again you throw your homer slant about what if this or that. Well genius, what if the ball didnt bounce off Clermont, into the air and luckily come down right where a rider could catch it? What if smart didnt develop butter fingers? what ifs are loser talk. Sask won the game, the lions were in it until late. Be happy about that and enjoy the cup game.

All that matters is the final score, that is why the Lions finished #1 in the league this season. You can hum and haw and make lame attempts to try and minimize that accomplishment but it only makes you look petty.

despite some peoples believe, Smith is an average or below average Running Back when he plays Saskatchewan.

Part of that is because Saskatchewan and BC match up well so well he can’t run…part of it is defensively Sask is good against the run.

btw…wut…this is the first seaon in like 6 or something that BC has won the season series. I think if it means going to the grey cup sask will let you win the season series every year.

But as the old saying goes the spoils go the victor. In this case it is Sask, in the end run as Wally said in his post-game conference Sask appeared to want it more this year. I would add, even Dave D. said he didn’t think the intensity was as high this year as last year.

So say what you like. Sask a batter and beat up team that was 8 point underdogs…hand your pussy cats a good old fashioned but kicking.

Wutzurname- Go to bed and sleep it off. All that matters is going to the Grey cup. Fact is Riders are going and finishing first meant didly squat. Face it the Lions were outcoached, outplayed and manhandled. That happens sometimes. Two years ago you were outplayed but McCallum missed a chip shot to win it for the Riders. You got lucky that year. This year you just lost BADLY. Deal with that my friend. It is only a game and the Riders are off to the Cup. It is tough to lose at home. Best of luck next season but Wally has to decide who is the qb and stick with him.
Riders won
Lions lost (at home!)

I agree that the season series is nothing compared to a cup...which no one has yet if you are counting at home. Turkey brought up the Lions season so I defended it. Ive heard a lot this year about how the Lions shouldnt have one this or barely beat that. Fact is they did win the regular season and I didnt appreciate someone trying to brush it under the table.

Wasnt much of a game to be called a good old fashion butt kicking. Sask won the game sure, but last year was a butt kicking. Thats what happens in football, anyone can win any single game. good team win more than lose and the Lions definitely did that this year. Just happens they lost this one. You play this game again next week and the outcome could be completely different. You have to be the better team on that particular day, and thats what the riders were.

Whats the point of belittling a teams season? I guess winning the west isnt good enough for turkey. Im thinking the Lions #1 finish this year is a sore spot.