Turkeybend To Replace Taman if Riders Tank

Unknown sources today declared that Turkeybend is in the running for Rider GM if the team tanks, as expected, in the Cup. Popular sentiment is that this would be an inspired choice.

:cowboy: :rockin:

Hey, I would consider. That would be a good gig! Certainly, if Rob Ford can get elected Mayor or Toronto, a green and white turkey who has gone around the bend, appreciates the history of the Riders ( Eagle keys came from Turkeyneck, Kentucky!), knows a thing or two about gophers, can count to 13 and back :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: , appreciates a team that has truly provincial and national support 8) 8) 8) 8) , and would pass on any other gig for the Roughriders G.M. position unless of course a Senate seat came up, I am in!

  1. On a serious note, The Grey Cup, wherever it is held , is a marvellous Canadian event with folks from across the country coming together in a friendly spirit supporting there teams regardless if they made it to the Cup final. On behalf of the provinci of Saskabush, welcome to you all, have a blast, be safe and may the best team win hoping it is a competitive thrilling contest with a terrific half time show.
    Long live the CFL,
    Salute to you all!! :rockin: :cowboy:
    p.s. my dream came true = Riders in their hosted Grey Cup so everything else is gravy. Best wishes to the Tiger Cats and go Riders Go!!! 8) :thup:

"so everything else is gravy"…by turkeybend2

Spoken like a true "turkey". Only you could work that phrase into your posts turkeybend. lol

Uhhhmm… Turkey and gravy!!!

Great thread! :thup: