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Here we are again folks, it's pre-season already and fearless predictions need be made- here goes mine:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughies- Defending champs, lean, mean and crafty as a prairie gopher are these Roughriders. Qb potential problems will disappear with victories. New head coach will sing national anthem before each pre-season game.

  2. Winterpeg Boo-birds- Continuity will make for a fast start. They are hungry and this MUST be their year or get ready for a tumble to the basement with coach fired etc.

  3. Edmonton Eskies- Stop laughing folks, Ricky Ray can get it done on offence and Danny M. is experienced. The defence is the question mark - if they can stop somebody this season watch out.

  4. Hamilton Ti-Cats- Starting the year with Taft and Printers and a healthy Canadian running back whose dad thinks he is better than him (he is) and the Ti-cats could win the east.

  5. Calgary Stampeders- Cowtown get ready for a great season if Henry is pulled quickly and Dickenson can see straight. Huffer may need time to re-adjust to the Canadian game but watch for these guys come playoff time. The defence like the Esks is the question mark.

  6. Toronto Argos- Big signings but lost their inspirational coach and kicker. Everyone is building up the Argos to be world beaters. I think not. They will disappoint and the fickle argo fans will become Bills fans by Labour Day again.

  7. BC Pussycats- No proven QB will come back to haunt the Leos and Wallyball will fail again come playoff time. Wally will get arrested at Wreck Beach trying to get people to put their clothes back on and Jarius and Buck will both have neck injuries from being yanked too much during the season by Wally.

  8. Montreal Als- Will become the sad sack team sadly. New coach will take a year to understand the rules thinking for the first half of the season that ROUGE is a new rock group based in Montreal. Best of luck to Anthony C. who courageously will try to carry this team. The Als will trade for Christopher Huet in the second half of the seaons to stop all the scoring against them. Bon Chance Alouettes!! :rockin:

  9. Ottawa Roughriders / Renegades / Senators- will not win a game again this season. Bring back Russ Jackson and Ronnie Stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

Well, I think you have Edmonton and Hamilton a little high and B.C. a little low, but still better than TSN's. :lol:

Gotta love all the Als hatred. Keep putting us down, folks. I don't mind that we're the underdogs. It'll just make it all the sweeter when we prove you wrong. Again.


Every season the Als are projected to be worse than the season before, and always delivered and were better! Except last season of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm not worried about the Als this season, the rest of the CFL should be though :lol:

I was gonna say, last year you guys hardly proved anything. :lol:

Yeah but they were conserving they're energy for this season, since the Grey Cup is in MTL.

Just a theory.

Could be.

That's kind of what I like about this season... I don't expect to see Montreal at the top of the East. But I don't expect to see Toronto there, either. And Hamilton has yet to prove themselves. So anything can happen. This season is far less predictable than last. Which kind of makes these pre-season rankings look ridiculous. :lol:

I like it when Turkey (Chris Schultz) picks us low. Last time they had us missing the playoffs was in 2006.

Keep up the good work Chris, I mean Turkey. :wink:

Dam I thought for sure he was Marty York :lol: