Turkeybend PowerTurkey Rankings

Here is this weeks edition according to this old turkey: :cowboy:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- mauled the Lions on the road whilst playing an average game. Wow! Defending Western Conference champs look strong but have trouble against the Esks always. Better be ready

  2. Calgary Stamps- two wins, not pretty but 4 points. Something called flow and consistency is missing but winning ugly is the sign of a good team.

  3. Montreal Als- came back on the road,and, it is the 2nd game on the road for them. Very important win. Must go to B.C. to the west coast which is always tough for the Als (check out their record in B.C. over the last 10 years - it is brutal! Win this game and they are again on their way to the Eastern crown. Lose and it is up for grabs with the Als then sitting 1-2.

  4. Winnipeg- Tough loss but the signs of an explosive team in the makings is happening. If Buck stays healthy and the chemistry continues to cook these Bombers are contenders.

  5. Hamilton- although they lost I think the Ti-Cats are better than the remaining 3 teams. Glen is experienced , they just nee to turn the page, get a win and they will be competitive with most teams.

  6. Toronto- Cannot believe I am putting them at 6th but the Lions and Esks have been so bad and the Argos surprisingly stole a win in Winterpeg. Cannot see them staying this high for long!

  7. B.C.- Trouble in lotusland. Casey has bombed. The o-line is non-existent. But, worse the players quit on opening night at home in Empire stadium. Fans left in droves - how embarrassing but what a disgrace to quit in front of them (excepting Geroy Simon who fought until the end). Methinks Chapdelaine's offense has never worked well in the CFL (not in Edmonton, not in B.C.) Now fans want Lulay but stubborn Wally will stick with Casey at the bat. In come the Als , on the end of a never-ending three game western road trip (unheard of in the CFL - who made this schedule???) If the Lions cannot beat this tired team coming from the east coast 3 weeks in a row - these Lions should be put up for sale at 90% off at Coastco. Start Lulay Wally.

  8. Hard luck Esks- Wow- last place and blowing a lead late at home. Ricky Ray who frightened us all for years, is not frightening anymore and seems to be just going through the motions. Need a huge win vs. Saskatchewan. The Esks traditionally play very well against the Riders and if they show what they did for three quarters against the Als this could be the breakthrough game. Lose, however, and the season will be long than winters in Cold Lake!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

I would put them like this:

  1. Sakatchewan-- dominated the Lions and the D played MUCH better
  2. Montreal-- still a better team than Calgary, and did come back to win in a place where they don't win much
  3. Calgary-- unbeaten, but bowling shoe ugly wins
  4. Toronto- I am very impressed with Cleo Lemon.. he is getting better each week so far
  5. Winnipeg- Bombers where shot down back to earth by the Argos
  6. BC- still better than the bottom two
  7. Hamilton- played much better this week and almost pulled out a W
  8. Edmonton- should have won, but undiscplined play, inability to finish kills them again

I'd rank em:

  1. Saskatchewan - Pulled away from the Leos on the road
  2. Calgary - 2 wins, neither of them was pretty but it doesn't really matter
  3. Montreal - Really struggled to find their game in Edmonton, but did enough to win
  4. Winnipeg - Looked good in the 1st game, looked ok in the 2nd
  5. BC - Hung tough with the Riders
  6. Toronto - Looked pretty decent, especially so early with the amount of turnover
  7. Hamilton - Better overall performance, few FG misses were the difference
  8. Edmonton - Fantastic first half against the Als, anemic 2nd.


Kind of funny how four Sask fans have posted, and all four have the Riders ranked first. Not saying they don't deserve to be first, just kind of funny is all. :lol:

And Edmonton should definitely be 8th.

Chief, the Riders could be 0-18 and many of their fans will still think that they're the best or that there's some sort of conspiracy out to get them.

Fixed it for ya :slight_smile:

This Week (Last Week):

  1. Sask (1) =
  2. Montreal (2) =
  3. Calgary (4) +
  4. Winnipeg (3) -
  5. BC (5) =
  6. Toronto (8) +2
  7. Hamilton (6) -
  8. Edmonton (7) -

Grims, get serious.

we're not that vane!

I don't know... The current CFL.ca poll seems to prove Grims right. Geroy Simon had 169 yards and 2 touchdowns, yet Brent Hawkins is winning with 42%. Kelly Campbell had 170 yards for an average of 18.9. Buck Pierce had over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. I'm not saying Hawkins didn't make some good plays, sure he did. But to be winning with 42%? Come on... Everyone knows the majority of Riders fans will blindly support the Riders. :wink:

Turkey, to answer your question about the Als' three-game road trip, it happened because the team was worried that the renovations to Molson Stadium (adding 5000 extra seats) wouldn't be done in time for Canada Day. This is why the league gave us three games on the road.

That being said, the schedule-makers were particularly sadistic to my Als, giving us:

The defending Western champs in their crazy-loud building.
The Eskimos at Commonwealth Stadium, where we rarely win.
The Lions in B.C., where we never win.

Would it have killed them to give us ONE eastern conference team? :lol:

Anyhow, my power rankings:

[ol]- Saskatchewan. Playing dominant football on both sides of the ball.

  • Calgary. Ugly wins, but 2-0 is 2-0.
  • Winnipeg. A better team than the Toronto loss indicated.
  • Montreal. Won't be better than middle of the pack until they start playing with urgency for 60 minutes.
  • Toronto. Surprisingly competitive, and Lemon is slowly winning me over.
  • Edmonton. At the moment, not a team with a winner's mentality.
  • Hamilton. Lots of talent, questionable coaching. [/ol]

Yes you are. Any attempt to argue is further proof of how blind Riders fans are that they'll support just about anything they do.

Hell, the could make 100th Anniversary adult diapers and there would be lineups for them!

that's why the CFL doesn't use us as their means to decide anything.

Hawkins will get Defensive player of the Week.. but the Offensive player is a toss up.

the definsive line for the riders was nutz. hopefully the other teams can solve that, or it will be a long year for QB's.

works for me :thup:

cant figure out how when toronto beat wpg, in wpg, and gives Cal a good run for their money,in cal, and yet some still put wpg ahead of Tor. go figure.

Grims- jealousy will get you nowhere. Also, we all recognize that Lions fans cannot stomach their team's demise so much so that they will not even talk about them. So, Lions fans do silly things like trying to distract CFL fans away from the Lions disaster by talking about Rider fans voting more in polls???????? Gimme and the rest of us a break and admit the Casey experiment was a huge mistake and that your team has many problems to correct. All the cards are stacked in your favour this week thankfully, playing a Montreal team that will be exhausted and knowing history tells them they almost always lose in B.C. Should the Lions blow this opportunity to right the ship it will be a long, long, long season unless Casey returns to the Mr. Dressup show with Finnegan and the Lions are led out of the fog by Travis Lulay. Oh, how some long for Buck!!
Stick with correcting your Leos Grims- it can be done and it is a long season- good luck. Brent Johnson - where was he???? How come he is on the bench??? Who calls the plays ???? Casey, Chapdelaine, Wally, Jerome the Giraffe?? - non one Casey just wings it???? , These are the questions that need to be focused on.
I was wrong about Toronto but right so far about your team. Get it together Leos- you can do it and we need fans in B.C. and Toronto to keep the league going. We do not need BC to return to the pre-Bobby Ackles second return to the Lions when attendance dropped to alarming figures. Go BC Go Toronto. Go CFL.
Rider Pride Nation Wide

I agree also, works for me. :thup:

Three reasons why Turkeyrankings are superior to the CFL PowerRankings:

  1. Winning ugly is better than losing pretty.
  2. Teams that capitalize on turnovers win most games.
  3. Statistics are for losers! :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley:

wow someone is a closet Printers fan. Give it a rest Turkey, you have been on Printers even before the first game. Fact is he played ok in game 1 with an O line that only showed up for a half and then threw 10 for 14 and a TD against what many are calling the best team so far with no O line in front of him. Far from needing to replace him with Lulay. He sure made a lot of Riders and Eskies miss what should have been a sack or tackle. Exaggeration seems to be the soup of the day in Sask. The lions have a few issues for sure and the main focus is on O issues. The O line is the biggest problem with its inexperience so far. Printers could play better but he is far from needing replacement. Either Turkey is blowing his usual smoke or he really is suffering from the effects of all that ammonia from all the turkey deposits.

Even with LaPolice present, the Argos still got away with theft!