Turkeybend PowerRankings

:rockin: :cowboy: 1st Turkeybend Power Rankings
  1. Edmonton Eskimos- 2-0 who would have thought it. But well deserved.
  2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Hard for me to say this but the Bombers have showed grit and determination.
  3. Calgary Stampeders- 1-0 - Early yet and QB uncertainty will cause locker room angst.
  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- last year was last year- new personnel will take time to get the bugs out.
  5. Montreal Alouettes- big win over the pussycats for Tom Higgins
  6. Toronto Argos- Ricky Ray is back and so are the argos.
  7. Ottawa Redblacks- very competitive but Henry sometimes hears a who.
  8. B.C. Lions- pathetic so far except for the 1st quarter of their first game. Big question marks here!
  9. Hamilton Tiger- Cats- Lost ship right now. Not sure if they will come out of the fog!

Riders will Rule! :rockin:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton
  4. Toronto
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Montreal
  7. Hamilton
  8. Ottawa
  9. B.C.

Whoo-hoo!! No longer at the bottom! :rockin:

(Got to start with SOMETHING...)


The Riders aren't at the top?!

Who are you, and what have you done with our Turkeybend?

:wink: I went to confession and Father O'reilly told me to be honest instead of saying 100 hail Mary's as contrition!!

Riders will Rule again|!!! 8)

Holy Francis, Times sure have changed. It use to be you could get into the confessional with your eyes still crossed and get maybe 3 hail Mary.

So... Do we see a new Turkeybend for the season?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I know the RedBlacks technically have a better record than Hamilton or BC, but it's kinda Rough to let a winless expansion team Ride ahead of anybody...

Very clever post! :rockin:

If Turkey-B’s Riders happen to lose this game to the Lions,then they could be keeping company with my Cats in the basement…could it possibly look like this?
next weeks PowerRankings :cry: :oops: #8…Saskatchewan Roughriders…#9…Hamilton Ti-Cats :cry: :oops:

Riders win, thus could it possibly look like this; Saskatchewan.....#2.....Hamilton #9 :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't think this is the real turkeybend. He always puts the a Riders first.

LOL!!! So far I’m down $10.00 :cry: Even if you somehow manage to beat the Lions :wink: I would think that the Riders are still ranked 4th or 5th behind the Bombers,Eskimos,Naughts and the Stamps. As for our wager,don’t spend that $10.00 just yet :slight_smile:
as I’m planning on winning it back when the Riders come to town on the 14th of September,not too sure exactly where the game is going to be played yet :roll: but as Stewie Griffin says “Victory will be mine” :cowboy:


Your are a good person bobo8224...but hey, the $10.00 dollar bill - I'll share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie 8)

No worries,I'll just take a little slice of pie for now :slight_smile: :lol:

I'll wait for the 14th for the rest of the pie :lol: :wink:

Wrong date bobo it's the 16th ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:
Out of the blue; I'm inside Coral Cristal Cave(s) and still have that fleeting glimpse of faith. Cha Ching :rockin: