Turkeybend Power Rankings Week 4

I'm going to piss myself laughing. Can't wait. Riders should sit right above their cousins the BlewBombers :lol:

It shall be interesting as always.

...indeed, he'll probably rank the riders last and then call it the "Bizarro Rankings"...

At least they'll be ahead of the Rough Riders.

I think the Lions pummuling will be the Riders saving grace .

My power rankings:

[ol]- Montreal: Still unbeaten, though poor red-zone production continues to be an issue.

  • Calgary: Now looking like the defending Grey Cup champs.
  • Hamilton: Lost a close, competitive game against the best team in the league.
  • Edmonton: Pulled out an impressive, come-from-behind win in the Riders' backyard.
  • Saskatchewan: Offense struggles with consistency, while defensive secondary is getting exposed.
  • Toronto: Ground out a tough win minus most of their receiving corps, but remember, it was Winnipeg.
  • B.C.: What the hell is wrong with Buono's boys? Suddenly, the offense can't sustain drives, and the D looks more porous than Swiss cheese.
  • Winnipeg: Would be 0-4 right now if the D wasn't so good. The worst offense I've seen in years.[/ol]

The above rankings above seem well ranked to me.

I would have swapped positions with the Riders and the Argos .

I would have considered it, except that Toronto beat the worst team in the league and looked pretty mediocre on offense for the whole game outside of Robertson. Not enough IMO to warrant a big slide up the rankings.

You guys are stealing Turkeybend's thunder :lol: :lol:

Really can't argue with those. Edmonton beat Saskatchewan, Saskatchewn beat Toronto and BC, makes sense to me.

I was about to put my own "power rankings" on here, but disciplineandpunish pretty much nailed it.
Though I would switch B.C. and Toronto. The Argos looked awful in their win against the Bombers. The Lions looked awful, too, but were playing one of the Tier-1 teams.