TurkeyBend Power Rankings (not CFL league rankings

Here we go again folks. My picks did not fare well as I went for upsets picking the lions and edmonton as I felt both the Riders and Als were ready to be upset. Almost happened in both games. Back to the undisputed TurkeyRankings:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- 3-0 - the comeback kids, not firing on all cyclinders but believe in themselves always and somehow make the big plays in the fourth when needed. I love my Riders but they are not that much better than any team. They must play team ball each week to have a chance.

  2. Montreal Alouettes- You have to hand it to the Als. 3rd game in a row in the WEst and they come away with 4 points and almost 6. Gutted it out in Vancouver but played poorly. Scary if their defence can win games for them when the offence has an off night.

  3. Who should be number three??? Calgary or Toronto. The Stamps self-destructed in the big T.O. Methinks Toronto did not win the game, Calgary gave it to them. Therefore the Stamps by default earn the number 3 spot.

  4. Toronto Argos- How they won the game vs. the Stamps is a well kept secret in Houdini's book of magic. Just enough offence to get it done but still way too little offence for this old turkey to continue to be up high in the standings.

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- dominant turn-around and great game by Kevin Glenn. This was the Ti-cats we expected to see at the start of this season. Can they keep it up. Yes they can.

  6. Winnipeg- disturbing game and injury to Pierce (surprised anyone??) will hurt the Bombers tremendously with all due respect to Jyles. Unless they play competitively next week drop in the standings they will.

  7. B.C. Yawners- boring, boring, boring football on offence. Big holes, big mistakes at crucial times and confidence is not apparent in their starting quarterback. Yikes. This is not a typical Wally team. Implode is a word that comes to mind. Next week is obviously a big game to begin to turn things around. Loss by the Esks helps a bit . By the way, there is a superstar in the weeds waiting to be called whose name rhymes with Kool-aid.

  8. Edmonton Esks- this is a much better team than their record shows. However, no show fourth quarters can kill you ( just ask the Lions). Even gentleman Ritchie Hall's coaching decisions are under fire now. Another loss and the team might be moved to Ottawa for protection!!! Ricky Ray is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

  9. Ottawa / Moncton(Halifax)/ Quebec City- Too hot in their locations to play any games yet though Sportsman would like all three in the league along with 100 mile House in B.C.

:cowboy: That's all Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey love the ranty - flavor filled topics Always... And not so surprisingly I agree more with this ranking system than the one that has shown the past few weeks in the CFL.... Stupid algorithms... Bah!

[ol]- Saskatchewan: Until someone beats the Riders, they're the team to beat. Looked vulnerable at times against Edmonton but found a way to win despite not being at their best -- the sign of a maturing team.

  • Montreal: Ugly pair of wins the past two weeks, but going 2-1 on a grueling three-game road trip across multiple time zones in stadia where they don't normally win is no mean feat. Kicking game a huge issue, though.
  • Hamilton: Convincingly dominated a good Winnipeg team and served notice that the real Cats are back.
  • Calgary: Too talented to remain stuck in neutral.
  • Toronto: Minus Barker's bone-headed riverboat gambling, a surprising early-season story with smash-mouth defense, a powerful ground game, and a QB who is slowly starting to get more comfortable in a CFL offense.
  • Winnipeg: Two straight losses have exposed Kavis Reed's defense. Buck Pierce is good, but I'm not sure he has enough weapons to win high-scoring games consistently.
  • BC: Printers looks out of place in Chapdelaine's offense, not helped by the continued inability of the O-line to keep their QB healthy.
  • Edmonton: Finding creative ways to lose every week. Offense can't execute when it counts; defense isn't strong enough to compensate.[/ol]

Your pics are logicial T'Bend!

Searched for the C.F.L. power rankings from the net and the results are as follows:

CBC has it; (Note: Rankings from Jim Lang has Toronto at #3 and Calgary at #4 spot.)

  1. Sask.
  2. Mon.
  3. Cal.
  4. Tor.
  5. B.C.
  6. Ham.
  7. Winn.
  8. Ed.

1.sask. 3-0 and the comeback kids. find ways to win
2.mtl. 2-1 after opening up on the road vs the west is pretty decent. could be reversed tho.
3.tor. gotta give toronto props.
4.cal. oline is an issue and if not corrected, calgary will free fall.
5.ham. close here but i give them 5 cuz they beat the bombers last week. loss to calgary and wpg. beat wpg. its close.
6.wpg. see above. loss to toronto and hamilton, both on the road. beat ham at home. wpg/ham = 5a/5b.
7.bc. just not impressed with the lions at all. something looks not right
8.edm. 0-3. thats all that needs to be said.

  1. Sask, #1 for now but won't get away with any more bad games like last week.
  2. Montreal, good team.
  3. Calgary.
  4. Toronto, surprising me a bit.
  5. Hamilton, Glenn looked good, Thigpen always strong.
  6. BC.
  7. Edmonton, if they start finishing some drives for TD's their record will improve.
  8. Winnipeg.

This Week (Last Week):

  1. Sask (1) =
  2. Montreal (2) =
  3. Toronto (6) +3
  4. Winnipeg (4) =
  5. Hamilton (7) +2
  6. Calgary (3) -3
  7. Edmonton (8) +
  8. BC (5) -3

A lot of movement in my rankings.

Not a lot of consistency going on in the league right now.

I'll be honest didn't watch the Winnipeg Hamilton game so just going on feeling with them. BC and Calgary drop because they aren't showing the heart, or skill for that matter to win ball games.

how do u put wpg who is 1-2 behind edmonton who is 0-3? your logic is flawed. thigpen didnt do much in that game at all.

and calgary ahead of a toronto team that just beat them and could have easily beat them week 1?

i dont get it.

I can understand it. While Edmonton decided to be nice and give the W to Saskatchewan, they were at least in the game. That wasn't the case with Winnipeg. Hamilton owned Winnipeg in all three phases of the game.

That said, I'd probably rank Edmonton 8th, but that's more because I'm incredibly critical of my teams. :lol:

Here's my list:

  1. Saskatchewan - Self explanatory being the only 3-0 team
  2. Montreal - Have had a tough road schedule to start the year
  3. Toronto - Best defense and special teams thus far
  4. Calgary - Softest schedule to start, and haven't won handily yet
  5. Hamilton - Have improved every game
  6. BC - Probably the toughest schedule thus far
  7. Winnipeg - Have looked worse each game
  8. Edmonton - Haven't really played that poorly, finding ways to lose

No power rankings this week Turk?

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I'm guessing that since he hasn't posted since the change, that he is one of the many, myself included, who did not have their email address updated in their profile. so when they tried to link, it went to a non functioning or forgotten email address.

Just a theory

Yeah that was a painful transition.

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they killed turkey so that we all are forced to use their STUPID power rankings...

He kind of doomed himself when his rankings started making sense. :lol:

I think turkey still in shock over last weeks loss.