Turkeybend Power Rankings Aug. 26th


Wow- injuries have changed the strengths of some teams. Factored into these rankings are many things including tarot cards :roll:

  1. Calgary Stampeders- Healthy team now with healthy quarterback(s).
  2. Edmonton Eskimos- Still on a roll - Labour Day Alberta match-ups should tell us if they are for real.
  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- a rebound win puts Michael O'Shea in the lead for coach of the year.
  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- injury to Durant factored into their drop. Hope he can play.
  5. B.C. Lions- hesitant to put them here with Glenn hurt but who from the East deserves to be ahead of them??? :oops:
  6. Toronto Uglynauts- not playing complete games has hurt the Argos + injuries in fairness.
  7. Hamilton Toothless cats- no more excuses that you do not have a home park to play in anymore.
  8. Ottawa Redblacks- late game break-downs hurt the Redblacks continually. If Henry goes down bring back Russ Jackson.
  9. Montreal Alouettes- too much confusion, too many coaches, too little production on the field. Feel sorry for their defense which has some quality players ( e.g. Cox).
:rockin: :cowboy: Let's hope for more scoring and better execution the rest of the season 8)
  1. Hamilton Toothless cats- no more excuses that you do not have a home park to play in anymore

really? with all the injuries to the Cats I cant believe some one would use that as an excuse?

If he can't I'm changing my VGCC pick!

Since when does Turkeybend not put the Riders first?

He's been smokin' canola seeds again.

Looks like someone has a lot more confidence in the Ticats' third, fourth, and fifth string quarterbacks than many of us Ticat fans.

Either that, or they have even less confidence in the Redblacks' and Als' quarterbacks. Ouch.

...investigation underway but early reports are looking at cfleskfan as a possible hijacker of tb2's account...there is WAY too much logic in that ranking...


Too much genetically modified turkey feed has clouded my braincells methinks RedandWhite!
I am going to insist on GE free food!

Rider Pride Nation Wide :cowboy: :rockin: 8) :wink:

Bad feed? TB2 not his normally insane, biased and pot stirring self?


We'll at least it is healthy. Hmmm, new cash crop?! I'm buying what your selling :smiley:

Hey Turkeybend,

Shouldn't you be revising these rankings now? With Dressler back, I imagine they would look something like this:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Dressler is back, game over.

  2. eight other teams tied, doesn't really matter