Turkeybend MIA?

Turkey, where are you? I think a few of us Lions fans have been looking for you the past couple of hours. You can run but you can't hide :twisted:

I was wondering where he was too , but I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt until tomorrow (He might still be passed out).

Good call. Let's give him (or her) until tomorrow to see if he (or she) shows.

Turkeybend may be disguised as "ITOLDYOUSO" now? Same ridiculous taunts seem familiar.

Did you lions fans eat him? American Thanksgiving is this week...

I was wondering where he/she was also.
Maybe gone shopping for an umbrella to keep dry from the rain we dumped on his/her parade!
Hmmmm.could it be true that ITOLDYOUSO is in fact TB.........I agree with the taunts...why can't these people just be gracious for once and congratulate the winners and wish each a good game?

TB won't have any jokes for awhile, methinks.

Come on Turkey, you gonna show up at some point today?

I heard he was busy laying an egg.

...another report had him scurrying back to Regina with Gainer....could they be holed up together.... somewhere across the border :lol:


Tyrone Williams ate him as a snack.