Turkeybend.. get some class please!!

You know I'm sure that a lot of Roughrider fans here are getting real sick of your classless posts and bragging. like SHUT UP and stop being such a *****! Yea The Riders are a real good team as of right now, but you coming in here every damn week and posting such ridiculous threads and ****ing everyone off really is insane.

I wish I knew how to contact Saskargo.... :twisted: :twisted: she would put him in his place! :lol:

Go to the Zone (shudder) and look for "her" there under an alias...

...i see the turk has accomplished his 'irking deed' once again....you guys sure swallow it up.....heh heh... :lol: :lol:

No thanks jm, one forum is enough to be addicted to. So she's still around eh? Hmmmm, whats that saying, be careful what you wish for! :wink:

He's a troll. I wouldn't let him get to you. :lol:

"...For whom the bell trolls!!!!!!"
OK folks I get excited about my Riders- absolutely.
Also this site is intended to smack a little too within the boundaries of political correctness.
I accept that.
But c'mon folks lighten up a little - this is the CFL, a Game, not survival in Afghanistan, Iraq or some of the sad, sad situations in Africa!
Poking a little fun at your rival teams and supporters and celebrating your teams successes seems so minor compared to real life.
Life can be tedious and boring or life can include excentrics who spice up things once in awhile. Think how boring your towns, villages and cities would be if all were perfect all the time. C'mon relax and PLEASE DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY!
Oh, I forgot to mention one thing---
Riders Rule
Leos Drool

... furthermore, talk to a BC fan like Sportsman- who is insightful, been a loyal fan for years yet doesn't mind some off the wall smacking and fun here and there. He gets it, some of you don't.
Peace and love and hug a tree to all you BC fans, your team is just fine and will be there at crunch time- you know it and so do I.
But my riders kicked your butt last night - yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riders Rule
Leos Drool , at least last night they did!!

I'm never offended by Turkey.....but, getting impatient to see his "Float Pictures".

:lol: :lol: Now turkeynuts is looking for endorsements! Poor sporty look what you got yourself into.

Saskargo tried putting me in my place multiple times back when I was "numberfiveineightynine".

She was way out of control. So confrontive, I am glad I have not seen that one for a while.

And yeah Turkey Bend is a little crazy, but whatever.

Visions of KK?

turkeybend is also a tenor might I add

the guy is nothing but CLASS

Perhaps some fans don't like the Turkey brand of humour.
I on the other hand delight in his wacky posts and hereby cancil out your request he cease and desist by encouraging him to increase and persist.

Meanwhile, I have a map of the parade route I think we should use, Turkey...

We like parades in Saskatchewan!!!

You have take turkey's posts as they were intended... with a huge grain of salt.

Yup I hear ya turkey nice post