Since my good friend never seems to post after Rider losses I would like to instead make this thread in his honour. This in no way meant as a sarcastic post (other than title) as TB (not tuberculosis) has made me chuckle numerous occasions this years with his often funny, but always skewed view of the CFL this and last year from whatever perch he flaps his wings to and watches it from.

I know there is a passionate, articulate and funny-as-hell human being lurking beneath that user name. But whenever I see a turkeybend post all I see is this:

Perhaps it's best this way, so as not to skew the image I have already built up in my head for the great green poster. Who else would post '(INSERT NAME HERE) FOR MVP!!!!!!!11!!1' one week after the season started and have THREE quarterbacks inserted in the (INSERT NAME HERE) tag by the end of the season.

Maybe it's the fact people took such posts seriously, and wanted to fight for their guys to be the MVP!!!!!!!11!!1. But for those who knew, turkeybend is somewhat like Andy Kaufman in that he never lets his act go. He knows he's joking but he will make you believe he's not until the bitter end when Butterball gets a hold of him. I like watching this year even as SSK waterboy is handed a MOP designation by turkey after a fluke win, other fans would be quick to point out their own waterboys traits.

All of this would lead to a huge waterboy discussion that really has no merit or standing on anything, but you better believe turkeybend was in his dark corner gobbling it up and laughing at the riot he incited. :wink:

Thank you turkeybend for another entertaining year, can't wait until next.



I think Turkey should adopt that logo for his posts. (Avatar I think its called?)

What do you say Turkey? I think its fitting! (And I mean that in a respectful way!)

It gave me a chuckle... :lol:

I think a poll is in order!

All those in favour???




second,all those in favour. :thup: