Turkeybend 1/3 of season GOBBLE RANKINGS


A third of the season done and it is abundantly clear that we could all take a lesson from crayons: Some are sharp, some are beautiful, come have wierd names, all are different colours, but they all have to learn to live in the same box!

Therefore my Gobble Power Rankings are as follows:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Early difficulties sorting through Chapdelaine’s offence are now behind the Riders and with 2/3 's of the season left I sense a surge to the top of the standings! All will be well in Riderville.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Never has a team looked so mediocre but still kept winning games. Makes one wonder what will happen when the Stamps play a decent game???

  3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- With ex-Rider Kent Austin at the helm obviously those genes help the Cats dominate. Lost a game they should not have and will win most of the remaining ones.

The rest are tier two teams starting with:

  1. Edmonton Eskimos- Injury bug has certainly hurt the Esks. Still, they could have an even better record despite their injured starters.

  2. Toronto Argonuts- Hot and cold, sugar and spice, not so nice, terrible fan base, Ricky Away etc. Etc. etc. and star Hawaiian is hurt again.

  3. B.C. Pussycats- Impressive comeback win still does not hide the questions surrounding the lack of consistency with this team. Seems to be a team of two or three sustained drives a game = that is it. Usually the first drive and pray that it might be the last one! Wally and new coach ted need to go on a retreat to Hornby Island and watch re-runs of Mr. Dress-up to fire up the troops.

  4. Ottawa Roughriders (what a nice name)- HENRY is living on borrowed time and magically keeping the Redblacks competitive but father time and mediocre talent will catch up with these game Senators.

  5. Montreal Alouettes- 50% + 1 = still will not get the Als to the Playoffs let alone the Grey Cup and the CFL does not need 9 Supreme Court Justices to rule on that. Cato’s initial dazzling has been scouted and the coaching is non-creative on offense leading to an easy team to defend against.

  6. Even Stephen Harper’s cash handouts would not save these sadsacks from Winterpeg. The fans are great, the stadium is cool but the team sucks. So sad. Head coach’s job is tenuous at best. Michael, think about investing in a bar named O’Sheas because you may need a place of employment soon.

In conclusion, some great games this past weekend has returned the lustre to the league which was sadly needed. Marketing and creatively attracting younger fans and making them want to comeback is very key to the success. It is much easier to sit on the couch and watch games than traverse miles to stadiums and pay through the teeth for concession stand products. Maybe have Donald Trump as a halftime game show host might bring back and attract fans!!! :cowboy: :thup: :rockin: 8) 8) 8) :lol: :wink: :wink:

A few pointers that I notice about CFL teams;
Hamilton indeed are on fire. Calgary finds a way to win football games. Argos are playing good football without Rick Ray.
Edmonton did not score a point in the second half vs BC.