Turkey We're Sorry

Turkey, I just wanted to say, before the big game starts, that we are sorry if the Bombers rain on your parade today.

You have been one of the few Rider posters that have actually not let yourself get too high about the game, and acknowledged that your Riders are going to be in for the fight of their lives.

I will of course, come on after the game and congratulate the Riders if they win, but I have a good feeling that Milt is finally getting his ring today.

Bombers 20 - Riders 15 , in what will be a nail biting slobberknocker.

Slobberknocker. :lol:

Good luck to both teams, but I hope you're wrong about the score. I want to see some high-powered offences today! :smiley:

...and a couple collisions like that Hunt/Clermont one of a week past...man, hard-hittin', high-scorin' football...is it game time yet?