Turkey time rankings.

First off let me apologize for the bender the real turkeys on, but reality hurts sometimes.

  1. Vancouver - the rest of BC has abandoned the team because of dirty play. Good team, no discipline.

  2. Calgary - the rest of BC has jumped on the bandwagon because of fair and honest play. Only team that scares Vancouver fans, and rightly so.

  3. Toronto - even the city hates their team, but that defense is going to host the cup. Will lose to either BC or Calgary.

  4. Montreal - lousy team, nice city, no chance of making it to the dance.

5.Whineypeg - close but no cigar, avg. qb, good receivers, very avg. defense, worse kicker in the league

  1. Regina - nervous, scared, ready for another loss.

7.Hammyton - not worth talking about. Maybe next yr.

  1. Deadmonchuk - my fingers are crossed they keep their coaches.

  2. Ottawa - no team, no stadium, only a few diehard fans. Someone in that city should be embarrassed.

Now please write this down.

Calgary / Toronto Final

42 - 26 Calgary victory