Turkey Game #2: Riders vs Eskies

Looking forward to see Dinwiddie at the helm, but if things don't go well we could see Durant?

I'm very interested to see how Dinwiddie does. He has showed flashes of promise before, I'd like to see it if he can put together a solid 60 minutes.

I'm wondering how long it'll take for this game to get out of hand...

that is a very small crowd in Edmonton for a Riders game!

If the Riders actually win this game with Dinwiddie, does that create a quarterback controversy? Especially if Durant loses the next game?

not really.

Nice arm down the can by Dinwiddie…however picked off by Alexander.

that WAS POOR blocking by #26 on the fake punt.

he totally messed up and cost his team a first down.

First game of the year I've watched the Green Machine, with no elevated pulse rate! Must have given up on the season. Sad to have this happen this early in the year.

Hugh should have gone left

Can't believe I'm going to say this but, but ......... Go Ri, Rii ,, G, G Go Riiiders!!

My Stamps can't handle a 3 way tie for first :smiley:

But I just don't see Dinwiddie out playing RR, Nope.

Another dumb Black quote just now ..."Dimwiddie was pressurized". I mean really???

Me either. Our D needs to be huge this game.

Are the Ds that good or Offense that bad? This game is a yawner...

If we are even in the game, I think they have to play him in order to try and stay in the playoff run. I didn’t see him playing injured last game, might be a smoke screen saying he is hurt.

Durant should have played whether he is hurt or not. you don't sit out because of a small injury like that when you need the win to keep your playoff hopes alive.

MadJack will provide an answer.........but both D's are playing tight so far. 5-0 Edmonton

if Our offense hadn't decided to pack it in for the season a few weeks ago, we might be leading this game.

BRUTAL TACKLING.........Messam destroys the Rider D.......it's gonna be a looooonnnng day :frowning: