Turkey Game #1: Argos at Alouettes

Go ALS! Keep up with the Bombers!

My Argos don't stand a chance today.......life sucks...

Never underestimate a team with nothing to lose. Ditto for game 2. :cowboy:

Will Anthony do it today?

So far they look good!

Big run by Owens! 10-3

Big drive by ALS.. 13-13!

ALS need to start strong in this 2nd half

Don't burry that casket just yet...

It's close!!

Wow, nice run! Finally they get the lead. Keep it 22-16

Cool that they had Allen, Moon and Marino give congratulations to AC. Odd Farve wasn’t there…
Still, well done AC!

Calvillo breaks the record in style! I knew Brett Favre wouldn't give a video message... just no way haha

Maybe he was too busy planning another retirement press conference?

Congrats to AC, what a career and nice job by TSN to showcase the record as they did. :thup:

Favre is too busy swearing that Rodgers took his place and doesn't have enough class to even congratulate Rodgers for taking over in the Bay. :wink:

Favre can't get passed his huge ego.

Just tuned in after steppin out for awile....congrats to Calvillo on the new record

Seems to be a trend on the forum here that if the Argos are playing, nobody's posting comments about the game.

Guess you can only watch them lose so many times before it gets old.

Well the Argos kept it close (29-19 Als final), so Kudos for that. Next week they get Calgary at home; Stamps D is not what it used to be or maybe the Stamps O (Burris) is not that dominant either.

Congrats AC!!,

The CFL has been a better league thanks to you!!!!!