Turk day in NFL

The Turk cut again in the NFL. There are a plethora of players now available to CFL teams.Unfortunately Tebow with his attitude will not be one of them...after all; :roll: he's no Doug Flutie!

Tebow's problem is that he can't throw very well... not a good weakness to have in a passing league

Tebow with an attitude? lol, I hope you are kidding, he is a true gentleman, he praised the team, the owner etc in NE. I guess fans these days have no respect for a man with principles, seems they prefer the druggies and wife beaters.
His next stop may be Jacksonville. No he's no Doug Flute, yet. Flutie was not impressive when he first entered the league, he stood on the sideline for a season or two. He may just give up and go into broadcasting.