Turf Laid at Investors Group Field

Even the ottawa design is going to be a great stadium.

You nailed it the new stadiums will bring the CFL credibility moving forward with 21st century stadiums is important in all sports. The MLS would not remotely be as popular as it is if they were just to play games at older venues or just dump them onto venues of NFL fileds. Although some franchises do play at larger size venues they have a set up conducive to shrink the stadium into a smaller venue like at BC place.
You better believe that the new venues will draw a lot of attention to the CFL in a positive way.
With the new venues it allows Canada to be a top the list when putting in Bids for international events. Two of them in 2015 FIFA WC Women's Soccer and Pan Am games. These cities will reap the benefits of generating revenue from visitors into their local economy. Sooner or later cities like Halifax and QC will see the benefits of having such a facility built in their cities as not just for a CFL football team.
You snooze you lose

Latest construction pics.. http://www.bluebombers.com/photo_galler ... ry/id/8945

The pictures of the Bombers store look great. It is going to be so much bigger than the current store. I can hardly wait to spend some money there. 8)

I've been watching the pictures on the Bombers website, and it sure looks good... Quickly outgrow demand?

A question though… What is the base material that the Field Turf is laid on top of?

Agreed, but I would be more comfortable if at least 25,000 seats are involved and not the current 22,500.

Ottawa has left the end zones open for if the need for additional seating is needed. There are also the Burms behind the endzone.

Here's a link to pictures of them laying the turf:
and some pictures taken from when the field area had been prepared but the turf not down yet:

Yes, I had seen that, but the question remains, what is the beige material that is in the pictures? It's not crushed limestone (which hardens like a rock)... It's something else...

The are still pouring concrete in October. How they could ever claim this stadium was going to be ready for July is comical.

From the looks of it it will be worth the wait. Better they take their time.

...more than just comical... infuriating...I believe it really cost this team at the beginning of the season...All of those games away, criss-crossing the country, time-zone changes....All teams have to go through it at one point in the year, just not in one solid block, in a short period of time.. :thdn: I think the schedule in 2013 ( and by the look of the Bombers new stadium :thup: ) should have the Bombers playing their first six games played totally in the Peg... :rockin: :lol:

If they played the first 6 at IG that would mean they would have a heavy away schedule from mid August til October. Everyone knows the season doesn't really heat up until Labour day, this scenario could be equally as detrimental to the team as starting the first 4 on the rd. Trying to lock up a playoff spot on the rd would be hell, esp in buildings like Molson Stadium, Mosaic or BC Place. Winnpeg's best bet is to put this year behind them and accept a balanced away/home schedule next year. IG looks like its gonna be a crowd noise amplifier.

The photos have been updated on the bombers website.
The turf is completely laid down now, and they are installing the seats on the lower bowl level.
They still do not have the concrete in the one endzone corner poured yet. Unreal.

I know. I wonder where all those people who were telling us we know nothing when we told them they wouldn't play there this year. :wink: Buchko knew it, they just wanted to hang on to the season ticket money.

I belive it is sand

from the video of construction update of Sept. 14/12, it states that the field is backfilled with rock. It does not spcify the exact material. Here is the link to the video http://www.bluebombers.com/video/index/id/78593

lookin' good

Your team sucked, that was the problem.