Turf Laid at Investors Group Field

Its starting to look like a football stadium over there in Winnipeg. Looking forward to seeing it finished on tv and hope to get there to see a game in the next couple years. Bomber fans are gonna have a pretty sweet new football home.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Home-Turf-174507911.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 07911.html[/url]

For sure, looking real nice.

What a beauty that little stadium is. Perfect size and design for CFL football.

To bad this awesome looking stadium cannot be used as a template throughout the league.

That's not the Canadian way :?

What a stunningly beautiful place. Major kudos to Winnipeg for doing it right. This is what Hamilton should have.

They nailed it. Sunken mini bowl with wind coverage with good sitelines, tight to the field and quality seating and concessions.

Love the look of the place! It will surely be the envy of the league!

Nice job Winnipeg! :thup:

Envy of the CFL for sure. Perfect size for the CFL at around 34k seats. Truth be told I'm pretty jealous that this stadium is in Winnipeg. I really shouldn't complain, being a Lions fan having a beautiful home like BC Place but I still feel that its too big for the CFL regular season. A 30,000 attendance at IG Field won't look as bad as 30,000 at BC Place. Now thats not to say that 30,000 is something we should look down upon here in Vancouver but when you see it on TV and there's 20,000 empty seats it just looks bad. I sometimes catch myself looking around between plays wishing the place was more full. I like what Montral does, plays regular season games in a smaller venue and playoffs at Olympic Stadium. BC Place is a great playoff stadium as about 42-50,000 seats will likely be sold. I feel the same way with the Argos at Rogers Centre.

Got a little sidetracked there but I'm really happy for Winnipeg and Bomber fans with getting this stadium next season. As for Hamilton's new stadium... looks like a really dated/temporary design. Its just plain ugly.

At least Hamilton is getting a stadium, thats the main thing. As long as they don't do certain things on the cheap it should be fine.

And a canopy design that will amplify crowd noise so it's even louder.

I assume that people will soon be just calling it IG Field. I know I would. I used to work there when I was in WPG.

Nice to see them connect with the stadium, and hopefully the CFL. Good employers :thup:

Hamilton in their best dreams could only be 3/4 of a true city with a true identity like Winnipeg. As sad as it pains me to say this but it's simply the truth. There is little "soul" in this city as most of it pines to be the Buffalo Bills, Sabres that will never be. The city suffers as a result of this continual "needing". But it being so close geographically to Buffalo is not that surprising really, you even have city councillors here who say "so what to the Cats and a new stadium" when Buffalo is so close. Aka Pasuta. What can you do when you're own city councillor, who gets voted in, doesn't even believe in the city in it's own right with it's own Canadian identity. Pretty sad. :?

did anyone else watch the video and catch him say 'the 12th man will be loud'? lol

i'm not sure why they are laying the turf down now, and not next spring. saves it from wear and tear from this upcoming winter. unless the turf holds up very well to the elements and thus, it doesnt matter.

Yeah that one I'm not convinced of but anything is possible. I can't see how it would be louder than a closed stadium but we'll see. It might create a bit of an echo effect.

My experience and my business falls in the same "division" as field surfaces is that they would incur storing and interest fees from the manufacturer. These items are ordered well in advance and have ship dates on the contracts. If you break that contract you expose yourself to the fees I mention and possibly paying more for the item as there are price increase pretty much yearly in the construction industry.

Agreed. It's also not really being laid down early either. The turf would have been ordered a long time in advance for the project with the first game initially projected to be play at IG Field in late July. If the stadium was ready on time then that very surface would have already hosted 8 CFL games. The turf and the stadium are late.

I don’t know if it will be louder than an enclosed stadium but it is supposed to be louder than Canad Inns Stadium which is pretty darn loud already.

Just nice to see all of these investments in our game, the CFL, which really helps this league in its credibility. Good job Winnipeg and BB organization and fans. Can't wait to see it next year.

Nice looking stadium. Only concern I have is the concrete wall in the endzones hopefully they are farther back then it looks. otherwise you could have a problem like they have in hamilton with the concrete on the side lines.