Turf Demons at THF?

After reading the following story in the Toronto Sun Sports today about the new surface at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton, I'm glad that the media wrote about it and asked the question why so many players including Collaros could have been injured due to the type of turf layed down for the Pan Am Soccer Stadium and THF?

I thought of this myself but I'm glad that others and the media and sports are thinking the same, that it could be the fault of the turf manufacturer or designer that we have had so many injuries and not just Collaro's but going back to last year with Dan LeFevour and others.

From the Sun Today:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2015/09/22/with-loss-of-collaros-and-waters-year-of-the-injury-continues]http://www.torontosun.com/2015/09/22/wi ... -continues[/url]


An interesting tweet emerged in the hours following Collaros’ injury, and it came from another player who has torn his ACL at Hamilton’s new park.

“Tim Horton field is sticky,? Eskimos slotback Shamawd Chambers wrote Saturday afternoon.

Chambers recently returned to practice after tearing his ACL last fall at THF and he’s not the only one. Alouettes quarterback Dan LeFevour also tore his ACL when he was with the Tabbies, and Bombers pivot Drew Willy suffered a tibial plateau fracture and a partial PCL tear. Both were on plays where they simply planted their feet.

Could there be a turf problem at THF?

With so many injuries, mainly in the same stadium, you have to ask why? Is it bad luck, bad timing, or did someone screw up on the turf design?


Alright, couple of things.

LeFevour got absolutely destroyed on the play he got hurt on. That hit could have happened in a padded room and he still wouldn't have walked away right. Second, Wily was taking punishment that entire game before he bowed out.

That said, it's worth investigating. I can't see testing turf to be that costly an endevour.

How about the game that Fantuz and Gable went down?

You could spin it anyway you want but still the question is Why are their so many injuries on this team and dating back to last season?

If anyone has the answers, please share?

Not disputing the possibility that the playing surface is contributing to injuries, but Dan LeFevour got hurt at Mac, not Tim Horton's Field. Zach returned from concussion to start the 2014 Labour Day game which was the THF opener. Dan got hurt the last game at Mac.

I seem to remember LeFevour running toward the sidelines, planting his foot to cut downfield, and then taking an awkward step and just collapsing. He looked exactly like I imagine I did when I blew out my knee years ago; I felt the knee go sideways, switched all of my weight to the other leg before it was completely under me, and then bailed out, knowing that my injured leg wouldn't take my weight on the next step.

Are you thinking of when Collaros got hit helmet-to-helmet?

And yes, both of those injuries were before THF was ready.

Maybe CFL fields will go back to real grass like half the NFL stadiums.
The Argos will be back on grass next year at BMO. With the underfield heating technology the grass holds up pretty good in places like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and other cities in the north.
The only problem is the expense to maintain it.

That's why it won't happen league-wide. Certainly not in Hamilton, where the field is also used as the Ticats' practice field.

That could be a problem next year when they have to play in Toronto on grass. The team used to practice on grass at Brian Timmis field. But it's probably a problem face by other teams too. How do you prepare for going into BMO field when you can't practice on grass.

Both Fantuz and Gable have elbow injuries and are very close to returning to the lineup

I remember watching replay after replay of Willy's injury immediately after it happened. He was picked straight up and came straight down on his leg while it was fully extended. You could actually see his knee hyper extend backwards as they brought him down. Pretty sure that his injury would have happened regardless of the field they were playing on.

I recall a game recently where Zack seemed to slip several times and Tolver fell while still in motion in the backfield

Has the media asked the players about this? The players are the only ones who could answer this.

Yah wasnt Dans injury in Guelph or am i thinking of MacMaster?

We’ve been having injuries problems long before last year.

As you might expect we are looking closely at all the possibilities.

One more hypothesis: 2015 athletes are astoundingly fit humans. The problem could be that thanks to modern training techniques their muscles may be now stronger than their frames (skeletons and ligaments) were genetically designed to support.

Collaros was hit hard by the Eskimos defensive player on the tackle. But his injury occurred before the tackle when he planted his leg attempting to pivot.

We will figure this out. The number and severity of the injuries is not good, in order of priority: for our players, our team, or the finances of the Ticats.

Well that was a disappointing article. I was hoping for a bit of analysis, but I didn't realize it was the weekly grab-bag format which doesn't allow for any depth.

If someone really wanted to answer this question they'd need a lot of data, including how many injuries have occurred at each stadium, with allowances somehow made for any that could potentially be caused by turf.

For example, Gable's latest injury had nothing to do with turf, and everything to do with a lineman throwing his full body weight on top of Gable after he'd been tackled. That should not be included in the stats.

However teams do not disclose details of most injuries. Look at all those guys that went down in training camp with mysterious "lower body injuries" etc, like Tasker and Norwood. Good luck trying to make heads or tails out of that kind of info.

Dan LeFevour tore his ACL at Ron Joyce (Mac) stadium.

God forbid professional writers actually know what the hell they're saying. This person is a complete lazy hack.

That is a theory many are now advancing. Overtraining as well is being discussed.

Then there is the tremendous grip hightech footwear and turf combined produce especially when moving laterally. If a company can invent footwear that grips going forward and backwards but bites less side to side it would be a much greater advancement than gimmicks like the Pump or the Zig :wink:

It should be up there with head protection in terms of research.

I remember the old turf with seems at the Skydome took out it's fair share of knees and ankles. Former Ticat Ken Evraire was a victim of it around 1994.

The old Ivor Wynne turf was pretty bad. I'm speaking of the turf that was there from 72-90. It was extremely thin and hard in several areas the last few years it was used.

slimjim wrote: The only problem is the expense to maintain it.

The expense to maintain the actual grass? More like the expense to maintain the absurd amount of advertising all over the field, McMahon Stadium in Calgary being one of the gaudiest surfaces in the CFL.