Turf at BC place

I only saw the game on tv, but I want to throw this question out there....

What was the deal with the turf in BC place last night? It look like they put it down about an hour before game time.

I assume they pull up the turf for other events in that stadium, but can they not at least get a couple of days to put that stuff in properly before a game. I was half expecting the yardage lines to be all squiggly like last year's opening game in Toronto.

Anybody know what was going on there? BC fans, I'm looking at you guys.

p.s. I know this is the old turf from the big Owe in Montreal, but this wasn't the first game played on it. Did the guys in Montreal not send along installation instructions or something?

I was watchin the game and wondering the same thing.

I'm glad that there aren't any promosions on the field but it looked like the players were playing on shit!!!

field looked awesome live, but it's very bright, so not sure how that looks on TV.

The Field Turf used is made of Rubber and Sand feels like Natural Grass, much softer then Astro Turf, and is also used in Rogers Center.

But like I said, I didn't see it on TV, but it looked really good live.

It looks a lot better at RC than it does in BC. BC’s looked like it was going to fall apart or something, they gotta do somethin about that.

I was in the stands. It Looked Great!. The lines were brighter than the exhibition game.

The First City To Use That Stuff Was Hamilton 2 Years Ago, The Skydome Used It For The First Time Last Year. The Players Like It Better Cause They Don't Get Turf Burns But The Little Rubber Balls That They Put Down Get Everywhere And Are Really Annoying.